Ways to Calculate the Percentage

Suppose you have started a small business with your best friends as your partners. After 1 month you get a profit of 10000 Rs and you have to share it with the remaining three of your partners. So each one of you got 2500 rs as profit. Which means each of you got 25% of the total amount. We will learn the percentage formula we used here. Here % is a symbol used for representing a percentage. A percent is defined as a number representing the fractional part of 100. It is derived from a Latin word per centum which means per hundred. Ex: 25% = 25/100 = 0.25.

How Do We Calculate the Percentage of a Number?

In the above example percentage is calculated by dividing the total amount of profit from the total number of shareholders. Then you divide the result by 100 to get the percentage value.

That is,10000/4 = 2500 and then 2500/100 = 25%.

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The percentage term is constantly used in many places. Ex: 95% of our country’s population has got vaccinated, 25% of shares are sold, 75% of our body is filled with water, Our earth is covered 71% by water, etc. 

Increase or Decrease of the Percentage

Percentage increase: 

Percentage increase refers to an increase in the value of a percentage over a period of time. Ex: Increase in prices of petrol over a period of time. 

Increase in percentage can be calculated using the below formula,

Increase in percentage =x1-x0x0100 where x1 represents the increased value, x0 represents the original value. 

Problem: Find the percentage increase in the price of petrol, if the current price of petrol is 80rs, and the increased rate of petrol is 100.

Solution: Increase in percentage =x1-x0x0100

So, the percentage increase in rate of petrol = 100 – 8080 ×100 = 2080×100 = 25%

Decrease in Percentage: 

Percentage decrease refers to a decrease in the value of percentage over a period of time. Ex: Decrease in the price of the internet over a period of time.

Decrease in percentage can be calculated using the below formula,

Decrease in percentage =x0-x1x0100 where x1 represents the decreased value, x0 represents the original value. 

Problem: Find the decrease in internet rates, if the price for 100MB was 100rs and the current price for 100MB is 25rs. 

Solution: Decrease in percentage =x0-x1x0100

So, the percentage decrease in rate of internet for 100MB = 100 – 25100 ×100 = 75100×100 = 75%.

Some Examples on Percentage Calculation

  1. If 20% of 50% of a number is 10, then the number is?

Solution: Let the required number be x.

Then 2010050100 x = 10

So, x = (10100100) / (20 x 50)

x = 100

  1. Find the number, if the sum of the two numbers is equal to 400 and the first number is 25% bigger than the second number.

Solution: Let the numbers be A and B. then A+B = 400 and B = 25%A = (25/100)A = 0.25 A.

Replacing B by 0.25A, 

we can write  A+0.25A = 400 1.25A = 400

A = 400/1.25 = 320. B = 0.25320 = 80.

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