Vape with Style at any Wedding Venue

Vape with Style at any Wedding Venue

Although vaping has been controversial in the past and with people not always agreeing on when it should or should not be done in public, it is a topic that cannot be ignored. When IS it okay to vape and when is it NOT okay to vape? What about at a wedding venue? Can an e-cigarette be “puffed” while inside or outside at a wedding or wedding reception?

There are many opinions on what is and what is not acceptable in regard to vaping and the etiquette should be questioned so that one can be prepared with the proper way to vape on the big day and not upset anyone: especially the bride and the groom!

Where am I allowed to vape at a wedding?

Since traditional smoking is always allowed outside and away from the building at most weddings, you can start by being comfortable that your e-cigarette can at minimum be puffed in the comfort of the great outdoors. The one thing to keep in mind would be to put away your vaping device while wedding photos are being taken as not to be inconsiderate to the bride and the groom!

However, when it comes to the inside of the church or the reception building, it can be up to the proprietor as to whether or not vaping is allowed within the premises. Now, combining it with proper etiquette for a wedding, things become a little more complicated. So to keep with the tradition of common courtesy, you should keep an aware mindset as to what makes sense and what does not. For instance, vaping during the ceremony in any case, is probably not okay. Just as you would not vigorously blow your nose, you probably would not take big vape puffs either. When in doubt, always ask the bride and groom where they think it may be appropriate for you to puff some vapor into the air!

In addition, it can be prudent to ask the wait staff (if outdoors) as well as the other guests at the table if they think it is okay for you to take a drag of vapor or not. Even though the water vapor is not harmful as cigarette smoking is, there are still a large number of guests (myself included) who do not want your vape in their face as they dine on the wedding dinner! Think of it less in terms of being offensive by smoking and more in terms of being considerate with traditional and typical manners.

What would be a classy way to vape at a wedding?

Knowing WHERE to vape, HOW to vape, and WHEN to vape is very important at a wedding and also at a wedding reception. However, there is always a “keeping it classy” element as well, and you should do your best to be fashionable even while you vape at your best friends’ wedding. If you are inside at a wedding in general, it may be best just to avoid it (unless you are part of the privileged wedding party) altogether until you get outside.

If you are outdoors anyway, get a smaller vaping device to be discrete yet classy. Also, do not blow your vape all over people’s faces as despite lesser health ramifications, they will probably think that it is just plain gross to have your breath in their face. You can get specialty lightweight kits as well, and you may want to visit some specialty sites to find out more about those. In fact, you can check out some specialty lightweight kits by visiting the link prior in the context.

Finally, in regard to favoring, you might want to stay with something of lighter taste that will freshen you up throughout the long process of the wedding reception. Get a flavor that will complement the flavors of the drinks and provide a nice refreshment to be enjoyed alongside what you are sipping on. Get something fruity, yet avoid baking types of flavors if you want to be more discrete in your vaping e-cig patterns throughout the course of the wedding.

Hopefully, these tips can help you to vape in style at any wedding; if you have comments, tips, or tricks to add below, get the comments started off and let us know how you vape with style at a wedding or wedding reception or any formal gathering. Thanks! 🙂

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