8 Ways To Make Your Wedding The Talk Of The Town

8 Ways To Make Your Wedding The Talk Of The Town

Your wedding is a celebration of love between you and the person you’re about to marry. You’d like to share this celebration with family and friends, and also want the guests to talk about its uniqueness for years to come.

You just need to think out of the box in order to make your wedding stand out and make it a memorable day. Also, remember that many of your guests have travelled to attend your wedding and spend time with you. So, ensure that they don’t just end up sitting for an hour-long ceremony and that the event is interactive.

Here are 8 ways to make your wedding the talk of the town:

     1) Unconventional Wedding Invitations – If done right, wedding invitations can help build excitement and anticipation among your guests. So, think out of the box and, before the wedding, send unique, trendy and personalized wedding invitations. Besides making sure that your guests get to know the exact date, time and location of the event, make it a point to represent the personalities of you and your would-be spouse through a beautifully crafted package.

     2) Choice of Venue – Gone are the days when the choice of the venue used to be a church or registry office by default. The world is now your oyster when it’s about choosing a venue for your wedding. Keep in mind that until you book your venue, your wedding is a blank canvas. Sandy beaches in the Caribbean, Roman Baths, and even the National Space Centre are all options of unique places you can get married at. Once you make a final decision about the wedding venue, space dictates almost everything else about your big day, from food to photography, even down to what you wear.

     3) Wedding Dress  – One way for a wedding to stand out is through the choice of bridal dress. Instead of the traditional whites, go for bold colors to make your wedding dress truly memorable. If you want to add more personality to your wedding, choose a vintage dress and then a wedding theme that celebrates the era the dress belongs to. Such a pairing works exceptionally well to awe your guests.

     4) Wedding Flowers – Flowers play a very important part of the wedding day, hence make sure to incorporate flowers that indicate something truly special. For instance, Madagascar Jasmine, a gorgeous white flower symbolizes marital happiness. Arrangements of wedding flowers in various forms, such as bouquets, centerpieces and backdrops are visually impressive and have a historical significance. If you want to opt for long-lasting bouquets, then, instead of the traditional wedding flowers, opt for a bouquet made from buttons or dried flowers. Such bouquets act as a permanent reminder of your day.

 8 Ways To Make Your Wedding The Talk Of The Town

   5) Welcome Gifts – What better way to say “thank you for coming” than a welcome gift for your guests? Pick a unique gift and make it memorable. How about whiskies for women and cigars for men?

For the liquor, you could use gift sets such as decorative bottles to further impress the ladies.

Another popular welcome gift is personalized wedding bags. These bags with their existing designs personalized with your wedding details are a practical gift that your guests would find extremely useful during the trip.

     6) Wedding Cake – Often the centerpiece of the wedding reception, your wedding cake ought to be one of the most memorable moments of your big day. Make it stand out through the decoration and also make sure that it’s absolutely delicious. If you don’t like traditional fruit cake, then opt for a mountain of individually decorated cupcakes.

     7) Choice of Menu – Have your guests licking their lips by doing a little menu planning. Think of offering unusual food and beverage pairings. For example, champagne and bacon for brunch. This way you combine two things that nobody can say “no” to. If yours is going to be a theme wedding, then not just the food but also the way you eat it stays in your guests’ minds. For instance, if the theme of your wedding is “campsite”, then make your wedding meal memorable by having your guests roast marshmallows over the flaming bonfire.

Of course, while letting your guests fill their bellies with tasty treats, don’t forget about the health factor. Add some diet-friendly options in your menu such as live counters and salad bars where guests can always skip the oil and add their own seasonings. This way your guests will always remember your wedding menu as a healthy yet delicious meal.

     8) Making Memories – Wedding photos have precious memories embedded into them and make you and your guests relive the entire event. Social media makes it easy to have a central place for everyone to share memories and chat about how much they enjoyed your wedding. You could create a Facebook group before your wedding and then encourage your friends and family to upload photos there throughout the day. To make your wedding invitations more interesting, you could even mention the Facebook group on them.





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