Guide to choose the best wedding theme

Guide to choose the best wedding theme

The unending wedding decisions can seem overwhelming but the importance of every tiny detail is crucial. You need to go as organized as your reception décor looks. How do you plan it all out? From shopping to deciding on a wedding theme, you need to make a list and note it all down.

We know that deciding the perfect wedding theme is tough, especially when you have so much of online references. Make your suggestions but choose the theme that you and your partner mutually agree. It can be as regular as a classic theme or as crazy as a Halloween theme – you both must be on the same page!

Determinants to choose the perfect theme

There are plenty of things that you need to consider when choosing the theme for your wedding reception. We have listed the most important ones below:

  1. The venue

Your venue is undoubtedly the foremost thing that can inspire you to work on a specific theme. The venue plays an essential role in choosing the colors of the theme. You need to set the right tone to match the overall aesthetics and align everything accordingly. For example, you like going outdoors you must choose bright or down to earth colors. If you want the modern touch you might like to choose the trending pastel and neutrals hues.

  1. Get personal

The reception theme must reflect your personality, preferences, style, and so on. For example, if you love orchids, you can have the entire place decorated with orchids. You need to think of everyday life and highlight your personality with the color or theme choices. It should be an expression of the colors that both the bride and groom mutually choose to reflect togetherness.

  1. Don’t combine colors

If you stick to a light color tone keep it that way. For example, if you choose a nautical theme for your wedding, you shouldn’t add navy blue or red with it. You can go summery and choose lighter tones of greens and oranges instead.

There is no need to plan a theme according to the season unless that’s how you’ve imagined things to be. You can pick whatever feels organic and suits the atmosphere around. For rich color tones, you can go with navy or cranberry.

  1. Choose two if you want to

If you like multiple colors you can go ahead with more than one. Many couples like a range of colors and blend them all in like a beautiful palette. Just make sure that the material, textures, and metallic are all in tune.

  1. Be should be happy

Wedding colors should be vibrant and must help spread happiness. You are planning a celebration so it must be exciting. Don’t chase trends if you don’t like it but feel socially compelled. At the end of the day, it is going to be your wedding and must reflect you.

Popular wedding theme styles to choose from

You must already have some ideas by now. However, there is no end to looking for references. The reception theme options listed below will give you an insight into styles that never go out of trends:

  1. Classic

What comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘wedding’? Do you think about romantic couples having the best day of their life? Do you think of the refined sense of style in the color tones of white or light hues?

Classic can be your wedding theme option if you prefer the traditional way of getting married. You can choose a ballroom, restaurant, or a banquet to work on this theme.

The best part about the classic theme is that it is a timeless option. You can modify it in your way and add your personal touch. Since the classic theme is common, you need to make it unpredictable and exciting even if the designs and decorations look similar to guests.

  1. Rustic

If you are looking for a laid-back atmosphere for your wedding, then rustic can be a perfect choice. You can try going eco-friendly by making crafty DIY for your guests.

The wedding of the rustic theme can be as exotic as a forest or a garden. Such an outdoor wedding can be comparatively affordable and versatile.

Many people choose a rustic theme for celebrations like anniversaries and birthdays. Note that it is quite informal and best when done in an intimate setting.

  1. Beach

If you are headed for a summer wedding or you are a beach lover, you can plan a beach-themed wedding. Choose the most unforgettable destination or a place you always wanted to be in.

You can create a complete wedding set-up by the beach or choose a chapel that overlooks the sea. Beach wedding has a casual atmosphere and guests love to unwind and relax. Make the most of this opportunity as you get to travel with your close ones.

  1. Tropical

If you love the tropical countries that are filled with colors of energy and fun, this can be your option. The tropical country can also mean having a beach wedding venue but it is equally cool by a garden or a swimming pool.

Tropical wedding lets you play with lots of exotic flowers. However, it can be tricky to choose the color palette. Be sure that you’d have the best wedding photographs no matter what!

  1. Modern minimalist

If you’re an edgy couple with a clean sense of style you might believe that less is more. These couples can make any place their wedding venue – from lofts to rooftops from glasshouses to banquets.

If you choose this theme, you are sure to stand out as they give you most chances of customizing the wedding. You can also monitor the decoration cost and get creative.

These were some of the common wedding theme that people choose for their big day. If you think of other quirky ideas, you can create a theme that no one has ever tried. You never know your ideas could set trend or make you viral too!

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