Shopping Long Prom Dresses Online

Shopping Long Prom Dresses Online – DO’s & DON’Ts You Must Not Miss

Long prom dresses have finally made a comeback in the fashion industry for their extensive demand and of course, the better version of the ordinary maxi dresses that prevailed decades ago. Women who love to flaunt their assets yet look elegant have long loved the long prom dresses 2019. You talk about teenagers planning for their prom night or young women looking for sleek looks for other special occasions – the hemline swaying around the legs is all you need to make a statement.

Bodycon, A-line, strapless, sleeveless, you name it and you will get the desired look easily online! Extensive in variety, you will find a ton of styles in long dresses for prom 2019, homecoming, cocktail, and other special occasions.

That been said, it’s really important that you pick something that does compliment your body type, skin tone, height, and all the factors that matter!

As much as long prom dresses are so in the hype, they can be the reason for a regretful decision – when you DON’T style it well or choose the wrong outfit for you.

To help you keep away from making such blunders & look your best on a special day, we have brought this helpful guide where we will discuss a few DOs and DON’Ts you must consider while shopping your dream prom dress online.

Let’s get the party started!


DOs:- When you are choosing between the gamut of long prom dresses out there in the market, it’s good to go with solid colors overprinted stuff and floral designs (unless embroidered or brocade). Vibrant colors suit all body types and skin tones, making them a universal option for women of all age and personalities. Solid colors additionally make an impression of continuous line form. On the other hand, prints are great, yet they may lack that X factor when you are planning a dress for something as special as your prom party!

DON’Ts:- DO NOT pick a prom dress that seems to separate parts of your body. Not only it will look bad but also seem too odd for a party. Why let anyone focus on a particular part of your body! 


DOs:- While picking a long dress for your prom, always remember it should be above your heels. The length of your prom dress should be from the top to the toe. No matter what footwear you pick, the rule remains the same unless you wish to look like a baggy hanger holding a dress clumsily.


If you are a petite woman, DON’T goes for any ankle length dress as it will make you seem shorter and thinner, which you do not want.


DOs:- With so many options of stunning long prom dresses for 2019, do choose one that is well fitted instead of a loose one. The aim of long dresses is to help give the illusion of a nice figure and wearing a well-fitted dress is the best way to do so. Mentioning the fit, how can we skip the neckline! Choosing a ve or plunging v neckline is another great way to accentuate your upper half. Or you can consider a sweetheart neck long prom dress for a similar effect. Both are the best options when it comes to flattering your body in a long dress. Add a little bit of cinch around the midriff or waist for a more feminine look.

DON’Ts:- Petite bodies and long sleeves don’t go well together. However, other body types can consider full sleeve, cap sleeve, or other forms of sleeve dresses until they fit you well. 

These are some of the essential DOs and DON’Ts of buying long dresses for prom and other special occasions. So wait no more, check out your favorite dresses online at Couture Candy keeping these tips in mind and get set to rock your prom night like a true fashionista!

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