Cocktail Dresses for Wedding
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Cocktail Dresses for Wedding To Look Wonderful On Your Big Day!

Finding the right cocktail dress, especially for a wedding can be a big task. You need to make sure that your cocktail dress is the right kind of formal, yet elegant, not too short, or too long, and the right kind of fit to match the theme of the occasion. All in all, choosing the perfect cocktail dress for a wedding requires a certain amount of brainstorming. You also need to keep in mind the price, because cocktail dresses and gowns tend to be on the expensive side.

But, no need to worry because in this blog we are going to talk about different types of cocktail dresses, from designers to afford to give you a full range of your available options. Tune in for more!

Cocktail Dresses for Wedding

Cocktail Dresses for Wedding

 Designer cocktail gowns

If you want to stand out of the crowd wearing that super expensive and high fashion designer dress, we got you. If you can splurge, then why not? There is nothing wrong with wanting to wear a designer cocktail dress. And if it is a wedding, then you have every right to have your main character moment. And for that, we will list a few designer cocktail dress brands that you are absolutely going to love. It will be a feast for everyone’s eyes.

1. Ralph Lauren Collection

Firstly, we have the Ralph Lauren collection of cocktail dresses. Each dress is handcrafted to perfection, and wearing that will make you feel like a princess.

2. Vera Wang

Next is veteran designer Vera Wang, and her collection. Vera Wang is very edgy and unique, and all of her dresses have that sort of element to it. So if you want to stand out, go for Vera Wang cocktail dresses for your wedding.

3. Vivienne Westwood’s collection

If you are looking for cocktail dresses for wedding which is unconventional, check out Vivienne Westwood’s collection. Their collection is inspired by the mediaeval era, and their dresses are otherworldly.

Affordable Cocktail Gowns

So, let’s be honest. Most of us cannot afford cocktail gowns from designers such as Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang. It is a dream for most people to be able to afford even a single item from their collection. But fashion does not always have to be super expensive. There should not be a high and mighty price tag on fashion. So, we are here to talk about cheap but gorgeous cocktail dresses/ brands. Why buy the same thing for thousands of dollars when you can get the same for one-third of the price?

1. Zara Fall Collection

For sustainable cocktail dresses, you can check out Zara’s fall collection. The tones are very earthy and perfect for formal events.

2. H&M Dresses

H & M is known for its basics but they too have some dresses worthy to be worn at a wedding.

3. Shein Dress/Fashion Nova

If you want cheaper, check out fashion nova or Shein. You will not be disappointed and the extremely low price will blow your mind.

Cocktail Dresses for Wedding

How To Style Cocktail Dresses- Outfit Ideas

Now, after we have looked at our options for cocktail dresses, we need to learn how to style them. Contrary to what you might think, styling cocktail dresses are not that easy and you need to keep in mind certain things before doing anything. There are certain dos and don’ts for styling. In formal events such as these, dress codes are followed. And you would do well to keep the dress code in mind while picking out your dress and accessorizing it. So, let us get into the do’s and don’ts of styling cocktail dresses and easy tips on how to style them!

Rule 1.

The first rule of cocktail dresses is that they should not be too revealing. A cocktail dress is formal party wear, that you wear to business events etc. You would not want your boss to think that your outfit is inappropriate. So, try opting for a dress that is not very short. Keep the neckline in check too. A key to styling cocktail dresses like these is keeping the neckline high so that you can skip out on neck pieces and neck jewellery. You can style these dresses with a pair of stud earrings and incorporate a headband too for that chic look. A short cocktail dress can also be paired with classic black or white stilettos to bring the look together and make it complete.

Rule 2.

Now, if you choose to wear an A-line dress, nothing is better. An A-line dress looks good on everyone. It is made for all body types and looks flattering too. An A-line cocktail dress would make you feel comfortable throughout the party and you don’t have to worry about how your figure looks throughout the party when you wear an A-line dress. To style it, you can experiment with anything, really. A-line dresses look the best when paired with kitten heels, so you can go for that. A nice bracelet and clutch can complete the look. Finishing touches can be given with minimal, dewy makeup.

Rule 3.

Now, a bodycon cocktail dress. When it comes to a bodycon cocktail dress, not everyone feels the most comfortable. Many women don’t go for bodycon dresses as they think it highlights their shape too much. But if worn right, a bodycon dress can easily become the highlight of the party. So if you are someone who is comfortable with wearing a bodycon dress, tune it. Styling a bodycon dress is really easy. If your dress is short, add some sheer mesh rights underneath. Jewellery can be kept minimal. And if you feel too conscious about your body in a bodycon dress, just add a jacket or a shrug! It will give you a cool trendy look!

Cocktail Dresses for Wedding

Rule 4.

Sheath cocktail dresses are the type which is mostly worn by people. A sheath dress gives you a beautiful silhouette; it wraps around the natural curves of your body and accentuates the best curves. It makes people look like the dress was made only for them. However, when it comes to a sheath dress, the necklines tend to be deep and the hem length. It looks incredible once styled right. So, to style it, avoid any neck pieces to not draw attention to the neck area. If the neckline is already low, we don’t want anything more to highlight that area. Instead, add big earrings and a cute clutch to complete the look. Since the hem is long, you can wear whatever heels you want to because it won’t be visible that much.

Rule 5.

Backless cocktail dresses are in trend right now. If you shop from any online website, you will see that backless dresses have swept everything up. It’s on everyone’s wishlist. Moreover, it diverges from the traditional cocktail dresses which can be a bit boring sometimes. A backless dress can have an overall simple design, with a back cutout which can go down to your hips. You should keep it minimal while styling a backless dress. Don’t add too much makeup or jewellery because it will just clash with the dress. You can pair it with some strappy heels to complete the look.

Rule 6.

If you want to go not such a traditional cocktail dress, go for a pantsuit. A pantsuit as a cocktail outfit is a recent tradition, where the women are wearing the same thing that the men do to every cocktail party. However, styling a pantsuit is very different from styling a dress. You can go for a full masculine attire, with a bow tie and formal shoes. However, if you want a bit of feminine touch, you can add a belt to spice up any boring old suit. Add sparkly earrings and red bottom heels to really bring the look together and make it the best of both worlds.

Rule 7.

Lastly, two-piece cocktail dresses. A two-piece cocktail dress is a kind of tricky to style. It can be a trouser/top combo or a top/skirt combo. In any case, two-piece outfits can look shabby if not styled properly. So, what you can do is minimise the prints in your outfit. Don’t go for two pieces which are printed. Try to go for basics like black, white or beige. It’s more cocktail party-appropriate. Now, to style it, you can do literally anything. You can style the trousers/top combo like you would style a suit. Adding a belt would look great. The skirt/top combo can be styled like any other dress too.

Wrapping Up About Cocktail Dresses for Wedding

So, we have come to the end of this blog – Cocktail Dresses for Wedding. I hope that you liked all of our recommendations for dresses in this blog, as well as our tips and tricks on how to style them. You will be parading around like an elegant diva in a cocktail dress in no time at all! So what are you waiting for? Get to shopping, and be a stunner at any wedding you’re invited to!

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