Practical Things to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Practical Things to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

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An outdoor wedding is a great way to spend your special day, and nature can bring a beautiful backdrop to your photos and memories. Before planning an outdoor wedding, there are many things to consider, including a lot more practicalities than if you were spending the day indoors. As well as planning everything from your cake to the dress, here are a few things you need to remember when planning an outdoor wedding, whatever the weather.

Finding the Right Food

Having an outdoor wedding may mean changing from a standard sit-down meal. Many tents allow guests to sit as they would at an indoor wedding, but this can be a chance to do food a little differently. If you want your guests to enjoy the weather whilst eating, foods that can easily be eaten standing up or sitting outside may be best. Don’t forget lots of water if it’s a hot day!

Pitching a Tent

There are many tents and canapes that can be rented out depending on where you want to get married and host your after-party. Tents can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you need to ensure you choose one that will work on the surface of the flooring at the venue. Once you have chosen your temporary wedding venue, it is time to weatherproof it. You can get portable air conditioning for summer weddings, or if you are having an outdoor wedding in a colder and windier place, you can get wall panels to protect your guests from the wind and rain.

Getting Rid of the Bugs

Outdoor weddings will attract insects due to lighting and food. It may be worth hiring an exterminator to go around the space a few days before the wedding to get rid of bugs. This should always be done at least two days beforehand, as any sooner and you should not be serving food on the grounds. Citronella candles are also a great way to get rid of many bugs and can be used as mood lighting too, so your guests will never know the difference. There are many ways you can make your wedding look prettier on a budget with these candles. Check out these thirteen simple and creative ways to use candles for your outdoor wedding.

Outdoor Bathroom Facilities

Outdoor weddings do not have to mean nasty, outdoor bathrooms. You can rent out luxury restrooms for your outdoor wedding which have a variety of features depending on the price. There are restrooms available for every kind of wedding and for guests who are disabled or need baby changing facilities. It is best to keep the toilets in a shaded area, so they do not overheat, but outdoor bathrooms can also come with air conditioning if needed.

Planning an outdoor wedding means planning for every necessity including bathrooms and weather. Following these steps can help ensure you have everything in place for your outdoor wedding to go smoothly.

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