3 Great Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding
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3 Great Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding

There’s no greater day than your traditional wedding invitations. It’s a day when you solemnize and celebrate the lifelong love that you have for your chosen partner, when you can take center stage and experience happiness like you’ve never felt before. It’s also an event that brings family and friends together, but still of course the happy couple have to be at the heart of it all. That’s why it’s important for every wedding to be unique, just as every married couple are unique, and one way to express this is by introducing little personal touches to the wedding preparations and the big day itself; here are three simple ways to do exactly that.

1. Personalized Wedding Labels

Wedding preparations can be exhausting, occasionally stressful, but always fun as it means you’re drawing ever closer to the magical day. You’ll be doing a lot of writing in the run up to the big day, from sending invites to personal thank yous, and this gives you a great opportunity to personalize your correspondence. There’s lots of wedding stationery to choose from of course, but you can make these or your envelopes look grander by adding beautifully crafted address labels for your special day. Available in white, silver or gold, and completely customizable, they add a personal touch and a touch of class to any correspondence.

2. Personalized Wedding Vows

The wedding vows are sacred, powerful and beautiful, but personalizing them doesn’t detract from any of these important elements, it only makes them even more special and pertinent. When you and your spouse give personal wedding vows all the congregation present will be able to hear you express your love for each other, and that can be a moving moment for the happy couple and for all the guests. That’s one reason that increasing numbers of people across America are choosing to re-write their wedding vows, while still staying true to the original meaning. If you’re not sure what to write, talk to friends or the celebrant, or look online.

3. Personalized Poems

One of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding day, for the couple and their guests, is the wedding reception. By this time the nerves are gone, and you can bask in these blissful first moments of married life. Before the food arrives and the party bursts into full swing it’s time for speeches from those who know the happy couple best, but this is also a great time for them to participate as well. There is nothing more personal or touching than a poem you’ve written for your loved one to be read on your wedding day, and when both parties exchange poems to each other, the effect can be electrifying. Don’t worry if you think your poetry isn’t good enough, simply look inside your heart and let the words flow.

Personalized wedding labels, vows and poems are very different ways to bring your personality to your wedding, but all can bring an extra sparkle to an already magical day. Just remember that it’s your day, you’re the star of the occasion, and you can have your wedding any way you want it.

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