What’s The Best Riding Gear For MX?

What’s The Best Riding Gear For MX?

You can’t talk about dirt, grit and ear-splitting speed without talking about the sport that has it all: the motocross bike race. Also known as MX racing, this form of bike racing is way different from the conventional sort many know about. It is a unique and an off-road motorcycling activity for the folks who are adrenaline driven, craze loving and interestingly, the fun-loving sort. Not to be confused with NASCAR and formula one which is equally fast-paced sports for daredevil race enthusiasts, the MX race is both fun and fear-inducing.

Competitors and lovers of the sport cannot be wrong for calling the sport the ‘most demanding’ of all sports both mentally and physically and for a sport of this sort, it requires not just mental preparation but physical preparations too.

For those who do not know, this sport takes place on the roughest of terrains where the competitors display the toughest of routines, many of which require years of training and hours of preparation.

One of the most important preparations required for a sport of this nature is the riding apparel popularly called the riding gear. The riding gear for motocross bike races is mostly brightly colored, beautifully adorned and well-constructed for the high-speed racing on several surfaces such as gravel, dirt, and mud. (xanax)

It might not be a contact sport but for a sport that requires one to lift over one hundred and fifty-pound bike while racing at top speed and riding through rough and uneven surfaces, Only the right gear can ensure that not only does one come out tops, one comes out safe as well. 

Because the sport is a sport for the fearless and the ruthless, it is not a call to be careless as a poor choice of clothing can be as fatal as a poor choice during the race. This is why there is so much emphasis on the use of appropriate gear. For anyone interested in this sport whatever choice of gear used, it must be protected in function and not speed limiting in form.

A typical gear consists of the following: a snugly fitting pair of lightweight, comfortable and breathable motorcycle gloves, a pair of ultraviolet goggles that is both protective and reflective, and a helmet with a visor, not forgetting knee braces and the customizable jersey, pants and most importantly motorcycle shoes.

For a sport of this caliber, there are quite a lot of companies who specialize in the manufacture, branding, and sale of racing outfits that not just fit but also makes the driver swift. Names like Troy Lee designs, Alpine stars, JT racing, acerbic are such companies to name a few.

However, the best gear products starting from helmets are the V3 by fox for lightness, safety, and its visor clip system.

Also, the best goggles for motor racing are the tinted Strata MX, for the racer who wants to look flying as they fly over obstacles.

In addition, any jersey of choice, like those manufactured by Rev’It, will look great when paired with boots by Alpine stars. Ultimately, it is quite a difficult task to come up with a single gear to bestow the title of “the best riding gear” upon.

Nonetheless, the Evolution series gear manufactured by Fly is the cream of the crop for Mx racing. Its build quality and competitive pricing are miles ahead of the rest. The jersey is packed with breathable mesh panels while the gloves sport the famous four-way stretch panels and padded knuckles that make for unrestrained finger maneuvers.

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