10 must things you should achieve before saying “I do”
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10 must things you should achieve before saying “I do”

Millennial women don’t find the need to get married and settle down. The call for equality is bridging gaps and clearing the lines of differences. More and more women find happiness in staying alone. It is convenient and gives them a sense of individuality, strength, and independence. They feel the need to settle down, once they achieve their career goals or when they feel their body clock is ticking.

Whatever might be the reason for settling love or arrange, there is certain accomplishment a woman must achieve to truly feel that she has lived her life to the fullest before she commits herself for a lifetime. These are the responsibility she has towards herself.

10 achievements you must do before you settle down

There is no set guide to determine the sense of purpose and achievement for an individual. But yes, there are certain achievements which makes one proud and happy about themselves. Only a truly content person can love and care for others equally.

1. Complete your education

Your education is your base, so don’t ever think of settling down without making your ground strong. Life is unpredictable and you never know what it can throw at you. Your education is what will keep you afloat in terms of unpredictability. Complete your graduation, you go for your post-graduation. Do not stop unless you feel you are content.

2. Get that dream job

Most people quantify their success by achieving that one dream job. It might be somewhere in between the journey of their careers or it can be right at the end of it. Whatever it might be you need to be in the process of attaining, what truly makes you feel successful. Yes, there will be compromises and sacrifices which you might need to do in the process, but don’t deflect from your path. A successful career makes you a confident woman.

3. Travel

Traveling is truly an achievement. It gives us the chance to explore the world beyond our limited confinements. It gives us a chance to know the world beyond our imagination. The more you push yourself to explore the world with limited resources, the more you get to live it to the fullest. Learn and interact with people of other culture. It enriches our knowledge of our experiences and life skills.

4. Financial independence

The most important criteria to achieve before settling down is financial independence. Be it a solid saving, home or property to your name. One need be much above than just a Mrs. As an independent woman, one should know when and how to fend for herself. In the day and age of equality, both husband and wife are equally responsible for a family’s financial wellbeing. Marriage is not an arrangement for security. Financial independence is as crucial as self-respect.

5. Living alone

Take some initiative to live life alone, it makes us emotionally stronger. Be it for work or a personal decision. It is very important to live a life out of the comforts of having familiar faces around. It is important to do one’s own work. Do the groceries, the cooking, the cleaning, live by yourself. Dare to challenge the convenience and emerge victoriously.

6. Go on dates

Before you choose “the one” make sure to make all the wrong decisions. Love, at first sight, is quite a myth, so make sure to make your share of mistakes. When you date other people, it also gives you the chance to know yourself. Compatibility is the essence of any good relationship. Opposites attract but similarities of choices are what makes two people stick together. Constant arguments are never good in any relationships.

Fights are healthy if those can also be easily resolved. You and your partner should know how to reconcile, forgive and move on. Your ideas in life should match. (armodexperiment.com) There should be a respect for each other’s family, choices and careers. Unless you make your share of mistakes, you will never know who is the right one. Once you are married, there is no point in regretting that you didn’t seek more options before you committed.

7. Give your hobby a chance

Not only a career, but a hobby is equally important for self-development. A hobby gives us new dimensions. Be it reading, running, dancing or singing, hobby relieves us of our tension and makes us a happier person.

8. Do greater good for society

Not only for yourself, but we also have a responsibility towards one another and towards society. Be a changemaker in a cause you believe in. Be it women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, children’s, immigrants or homeless people’s rights, work and service for others. Being able to do for someone else is equally rewarding. Not only your own life or your spouse’s life, make a difference in an unknown person’s life, but it will also earn you love and blessings.

9. Relive your soul

Discover your spirit animal? Discover the purpose of why you were chosen to be born the way you are. Discover religions and their true meanings, practice chanting, meditation. Read stories of yogis and gurus. You never know where your true calling lies unless you expose your life to the unknown.

10. Live with your partner

Before saying “I do” get yourself to say, “I know”. Marriage is a commitment of a lifetime, a commitment to live in ups and downs, in health and sickness. People change, sometimes often, sometimes after a phase of time, but they do change. Marriage doesn’t come with a meter on who compromises the most, or who sacrifices the least. It is a balance that you need to form between two partners and their families. Get to know your partner, his mood swings, his likings and disliking. Staying with someone is the only way to know the person to the fullest. You need to know the real him and need to show him the real you. Unless you fit in the mold together, it will have fewer chances to succeed.

Final thoughts

There is no formula to get your true fulfillment right. Your achievement is in what you find relevance in. So, start making your bucket list and start crossing them out one by one.

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