The ultimate bridal shower planning guide
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The ultimate bridal shower planning guide

Organizing a bridal shower for your bestie is the number one duty for every maid of honor. The bachelorette party is the bride’s biggest expectation from her bridesmaids. This is her last fling before the ring so her expectations will be high all through. Here, we give you a guide that will make the bride-to-be remember her bridal shower forever.

10 must-dos for your bestie’s bridal shower

Before you start you must ensure that you have the right team onboard with you. You would need to know the bride inside out, to make her experience a truly unforgettable one:

  1. The guest lists

A bridal shower is a personal affair. You need to understand whether your bestie is an introvert or an extrovert. She might want to have a small group of friends, who really matter to her or she might want a very big crowd starting from school batch-mates to her hair stylist. All in all, the guest list tops the priority list and setting it right is the most crucial agenda.

If you are a close friend, you must follow her emotions on how elaborate she wants her wedding to be, it will give you the cue you need. Set the list right and get her close friends involved to plan and help you. There should be one WhatsApp group with constant feeds and updates on the plans. Keep her close circle in the loop, and don’t take all the decisions alone. It should be a team effort – The more the people, the happier the bride.

  1. Venue

A bridal shower can be a day or an evening affair or it can be a trip that you can plan for her. If you are selecting the venue, select a place which she is emotionally connected with – also, a place which gives her the good vibe.

Experimenting with the venue might not be a very good idea. Note that a bride seeks familiarity before she gets married. However, if you really know her well, you might set up a surprise in a place which she doesn’t know of and she might be happy and value your decision.

  1. Travel

Most millennial brides prefer to travel with her set of close friends, to explore new destinations and live her last days of singlehood with them. If you are planning a trip, get a planner involved, to do the lodging and tickets. It might be a nightmare to coordinate with all the bridesmaid, so a planner can take of all your hassles.

Make sure to lock the locations, hotels and plan the activities as per the bride’s choice. Thailand and Bali are the top locations for bachelorette parties in Asia. If she seeks adventure Turkey and Greece might be her call.

  1. Playlist

Good music is the key to a good mood. Invest your time into selecting all the right genres. Whether it's hip hop, rap or jazz, and blues, it should have all the right mix that the brides love.

Choose her old favorites – the attention to the details will make her emotional. Dedicate a song to her, which speaks of your friendship. Arrange a DJ who can bring out the right mood. Give him all the cues which he needs to know and sequence the playlist in order to set the right flow for the party.

  1. Choose a theme

Themes are important as it shows how much you know the bride.  If she loves unicorn and you set a black and white polka dotted them, it is a recipe to disaster. Themes are where the Kardashians are a pro and legitimately sets the party on fire.

When choosing a theme, you must evaluate, what is that speaks of the bride the most without much effort. It can be on her likes or preferences or who she is as a person or who inspires her the most.

  1. Décor and cutlery

Not only theme but the décor is equally important to the set the right mood. The décor is directly connected to the theme. It can be classy, pop, chic or uber cool. All the elements from the streamer to the balloons, to the lights, must fit in seamlessly. The glasses, cups, napkins can be personalized to fit in the theme.

  1. Photographs

A bride will want to go down her memory lane on her bridal shower. Put in a small video of her old photographs. Get her friends, colleagues, and family to speak about how they feel about her and give her best wishes for her wedding.

This sweet gesture will make her emotional and appreciate the event all the more. Raise the right toasts for the occasion. Get a photographer to shoot the bridal shower and make it into a small video for her to cherish forever.

  1. Gifts

Gifts are important not only for the bride but also for the bridesmaids who join the shower. Make a sash for the brides and her bridesmaid. Follow a dress code and arrange small token giveaways that everyone can remember the special day.

  1. Food and liquor

If you have a foodie bride, you must ensure to choose the cuisine as per her liking. If you have a diet freak in the house, you can’t make her gain extra pounds before the wedding day. Choose the caterer with caution.

It is suggested to go with a known devil – someone the bride knows and prefers. Experimenting with food is a complete no-no before the big day. Spend a little extra on the bartender and get a pro who can concoct the best potions to set the party on fire.

  1. Plan a surprise

The highest point of the party needs to be something that the bride can never imagine. Plan a surprise that will blow her mind away. It can be a friend traveling from abroad or her favorite band playing for her life. The surprise will be the highlight of the night and make it really special for the bride.

Final thoughts

Each bride is different, so before you start planning put down a guide, to ensure you tick all the boxes before the day. The bridal shower is as important as the wedding itself, so make sure you plan all the finer details before you start.