Perfect Lehengas for the Perfect Bride-To-Be
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Perfect Lehengas for the Perfect Bride-To-Be

It’s your wedding… A big day indeed. In fact, it is the only day when all to-be brides want to look dashing, out of the world, and the most beautiful. Well, to your man, you have obviously worn the crown of the most beautiful lady that God created on Earth. But, when it’s your wedding, a lot of other people are involved in it as well. Too many guests invited, your in-laws have their eyes on you, your friends look for the happiness in you and above all, your man keeps on gazing at you!

Well, don’t think that you have already won hearts prior to your marriage. Your wedding day is another eventful day where you can make your husband go head over heels on you. To do the honors, all you need to do is to make friends with a lehenga that suits you.

Not every woman can carry a lehenga in the best way. Rather, let’s put it this way. Not every lehenga is for all body types. Every woman has a definite body type. While shopping for your lehenga, you need to know your body type and pick the one that suits you best. Confused? Well, let’s make things crystal clear in front of your eyes.

For looking like a diva in your wedding and making your man keep on staring at you, here are some tips that you can follow while shopping your lehenga:

  • Identify your body type

First things, before you go for fetching the perfect lehenga, identify your body type. Every woman is gifted with different bodily shapes. Hence, first, you have to take notice of the fact that if your body is apple shaped or pear shaped or is it something else.

  • Consider the fabric

While you are on the go to choose a lehenga for yourself, fabric plays a vital role. There is no doubt about the fact that the choices are endless in this case. You will get net, georgette, raw silk, silk, kanjeevaram, and so on and so forth. Those brides who are on the slimmer side should choose heavy fabrics like net or kanjeevaram. This will make them look fuller. Remember, a fabric can either make or break your look.

  • Apple-shaped body

Apple-shaped body means the ones that have a heavier upper portion. The difficulty lies with their waistline, bust, and shoulder. For them, circular lehenga is a must with a broad flare. This will add more symmetry to their body. Make sure that the fabric that you choose is soft enough to make you feel comfortable. The skirt should have heavy embroidered work. Blouses with heavy work and short sleeves must be avoided. Otherwise, they will tend to look bustier.

  • Pear-shaped body

For the pear-shaped brides, finding a perfect lehenga is not a big deal. Thanks to their slim waist, narrow shoulders and a heavy lower portion. Actually, it is the skirt that does all the magic. All their butt flabs and heavy waist is hidden by the skirt. Eventually, they look elegant. A-Line Lehengas are perfect for them. In order to make the lower body look slimmer, you can also opt for horizontal panels on the skirt. Flaunt your curves and collarbones with deep neck blouses.

  • Hourglass body

Brides with hourglass figures are truly enviable. And why not! After all, that’s the perfect body with equal shoulder and hips and a well-structured waist. Since you do not need to worry about the curves, therefore, you can opt for the mermaid cut lehenga. Others please do not buy mermaid cuts if your body does not belong to this body type. It will look unmanageable. Pair the mermaid cut lehenga with a corset blouse to make you look like a princess from the fairyland. The cholis can be off-shoulder or may have a sweetheart neckline.

  • Petite brides

Shorter people think that lehenga is not their cup of tea. Well, that’s just a notion. All you need to do is to be confident in your attire and know to carry it well. Wearing a lehenga for a petite bride is a really daunting task. Although you look fab in western outfits, yet for traditional ones you generally step back. In this case, you need to choose lehenga that has clean cuts. Keep yourself away from all kinds of heavy work on lehenga. Starting from the embroidery to the shape and the cuts, everything should be perfectly neat and tidy!

  • Rectangle-shaped figure

In order to identify a rectangular body type, you have to visualize of your shoulders and hip are at the same proportion and you find difficulty in defining your midriff and waistline. The real hard challenge here is to find something that will create an illusion of a curvy waistline as well as give the hallucination of curves where needed. To do so, you can opt for high waist lehenga with a crop top. Make your look a style statement by adding a belt to your outfit. This will surely make your waist visible. Deep necklines are a must to look curvy.

  • Curvy body

If you have got the curves, flaunt it! Being curvy is nothing to be stressed about. All you need to do is to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, make sure that you stay out of the layering business. This will only make you look bulkier. Next, opt for that lehenga that has horizontal patterns. This will make you seem longer. For the shape of the skirt, the safest is to choose A-line. Thirdly, stick to singular shades and deeper colors. Smaller embroidery work or patches will justify your curves.

  • Importance of colors

For the curvy ones, make sure that you pick the deeper shades while for the slimmer ones, lighter or brighter shades work well. For creating the illusion, pear-shaped brides can play with some out-of-the-box colors.


It is true that looking for the perfect bridal lehenga is a Herculean task. However, when you have these fruitful tips, why bother much! Be the one man army and do this daunting task yourself! After all, it’s your marriage and none knows you better than yourself.

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