Here is how to look back at college life and feel no regrets

Here is how to look back at college life and feel no regrets

Are you overwhelmed by the great difference between your first week in college and your high school? Welcome to the world where everything is at your disposal, no parents to scold you nor strict teachers to follow your every move. Before you get overexcited, here is what you need to know.

Being in college can be paradise if you let it be, but it can also be hell if you make the wrong decisions. Most college students believe that this is the chance to do everything that is forbidden by their parents since there is no supervision. Your mam may not be around to dictate things, but actions have consequences. This is not to scare you because even if there is lots of pressure in college, you can still graduate with good grades as well as a stunning behavior. Let the following tips be your guide in college so that you can live to cherish the good times.

Attend classes

Here is how to look back at college life and feel no regrets

Classes in college are organized in such a way that you have more free time on your side than the way it was in high school. Many students make it a habit of skipping the classes that they don’t enjoy. Do not skip classes just because you don’t like a particular lecturer. They may not be very strict on the attendance list, but you may miss out on content that is hard to find anywhere else. Attending classes will also save you the time of going to the library to find out something a lecturer taught in your absence.

Stay organized

You need to keep track of how to submit your assignments on time. Take time to work on tasks as you avoid procrastinating them so that the due dates don’t catch up with you. You can get an organizer to help you plan your schedule after class to prevent work from piling up. Don’t be the kind of student who has to spend an entire night burning the midnight oil at the last minute because you could not organize their schedule well. This prevents pressure from deadlines and gives you enough time to work on each coursework without hurrying.

Find your space

With a significant population of students from an entire nation, the chances of finding yourself alone may be rare. You may be assigned roommates, your classes may be overcrowded, but this does not mean you can’t get time alone. Establish a specific corner that most students don’t hang out and use this space to do some extra studying. This prevents you from getting distracted by your friends when all you need is some peace of mind.

Choose friends wisely

Here is how to look back at college life and feel no regrets jumping

College friends are not quickly forgotten. They will probably stick around even after you are through with campus. Selecting friends determines what kind of a lifestyle you have in school. Do not associate with people who spend most of their time out of class, luring girlfriends instead of concentrating in academics. Some prefer using drugs to cheat in exams because they don’t have time to attend classes.  Others use drugs to try and find solutions to stress. Instead of joining such company, encourage them to visit facilities such as recovery village aurora to get their life back together as they fight drug addiction.

Seek a balance

Understand that college is not all about academics. This is the chance to discover your passion and develop lifetime hobbies that improve your lifestyle. Spare some few hours to attend your musical club after classes. You can also participate in Bible studies in the evening instead of partying all night. This helps you improve your relationship with God as you make good friends who direct you in the right way.

Work hard

Here is how to look back at college life and feel no regrets stressing

Do you know that some A students in high school graduate with poor grades in college? Some don’t even make it to the graduation list. Do not assume that your excellent grades will come just because you passed in high school. Depending on your course, you may find your work easier. This does not give you the reason to relax and wait for a miracle. Come up with goals and work hard towards achieving your academic goals. Visit the library after your classes to get more content on what your lecturers teach. Remember that your lecturer only gives you 20%, the rest is upon you to find.

Own up to your mistakes

The journey may not always be a walk in the park. You may come across challenges that confuse you on the best approach to take. Be responsible for your actions and accept that you are not perfect. Avoid blaming others for your mistakes instead, use them to improve yourself. Find better alternatives to handle a similar situation. Make the dean of students your friend, he may be old, but he must have some wisdom that makes him good at his job don’t you agree?


Even when you feel free from your overprotective parents, always check up on them and be close to them for guidance. Understanding where you come from also prevents you from making wrong decisions. You may have been raised in a Christian home that has taught you what is right and wrong. Taking this lessons with you in college will make your life easier.

Prepare for your career in future

Here is how to look back at college life and feel no regrets thinking

Look for opportunities that set you up for a job after school. You can apply for internships opportunities as advertised in different programs. Regularly consult the career services office to find out any opportunities outside of school to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. This might land you the right internship or a part-time job to take up during long holidays.

Final thoughts

Your lifestyle in college determines your life after school. Use this chance to make the best out of your life. The less supervision in college is meant to prepare you for a world where nobody will determine will dictate what you do. Take it positively and make something meaningful out of your life. Keep in mind that your grades may land you the job of your dreams, but your character determines how long you keep it. It all starts in college.

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