5 Easy Hacks To Decorate Your Dorm Room For Increased Productivity

Your college dorm room will be your personal haven for your entire college life. It’s the place where you will be studying until your eyes tire and droop, where you party till you drop, eat to the content of your heart, and sleep to avoid the world outside. Thus, what can you do to make your dorm room as aesthetic and conducive to learning as possible?
Trust us; it will answer all your urgent queries like ‘Can you help me do my homework?’ in your college life. Here we have listed certain top-notch suggestions for six ways to decorate your dorm room to promote maximum learning and boost ultimate productivity. (

Organise Your Desk
If you are like us, you may want to spend a bit more time in a place where it’s nice and pretty. Ensure to keep all the essential supplies, pens, notebooks, books, etc., within reach. Put up encouraging images and words of wisdom. Try to utilise the drawers to prevent any sort of clutter. After all, isn’t it easier to put your nose to the grindstone when it’s incredibly appealing aesthetically?

Use Greenery
Plants are a brilliant way to decorate a dorm room. As per the eminent stalwarts of academic writing service in the UK and research by the Royal College of Agriculture and Texas A&M University, plants help with attentiveness and creativity. You can use a corn plant, English Ivy, or even peace lily.

Make Your Own Deadline Board
It’s no secret as a student; you will have a lot to remember- statistics or math assignment writing deadlines, seminar dates, and lunches with friends. Now, you could always cover every inch of your room with post-it notes, but that would be messy. Isn’t it? So, what can prove to be a tidier solution than creating your own deadline board? You can make a simple one with the help of a corkboard and some colourful strings. Alternatively, you can even use an old tray.

Throw In Some Floating Bookshelves
If you have ever watched Game of Thrones, you perhaps are well-versed with this dialogue- “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone.” And, what more can be amazing than to show off your books on a levitating bookshelf? With the aid of a handful of tools and only a handful of wall space, you can always add 15-20 of your favourite reads for display.

Light It Up Well
Your dorm room is going to be the place where you study and do your homework. Hence, it’s best to add the right amount of light to the room for a better studying environment. Apart from the table lamp, if possible, you can use ceiling lights that are beautiful and serve a functional purpose at the same time.

Before the move-in day, invest your precious time to plan your dorm room ideas. Look for inspiration and sales. Also, remember not to get too carried away. Keep it simple to promote maximum productivity!

If your study routine includes lying on the bed with a laptop propped on your knees while your face is stuffed with caramel popcorn, then you might consider revamping your study space. In today’s post, we have highlighted how to turn your dorm room into an aesthetic study spot that lets you do your best work and minimises your chance of saying ‘do my assignment help’ in the UK.

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