Location is Everything: Weddings for the Modern Woman
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Location is Everything: Weddings for the Modern Woman

Getting married at sunset on the beach is how thousands of women complete their ceremony every year. It’s time to think outside of the norm, however. Skip the beach, and look to more unique options. Location is everything for your wedding of the year.

Destination Options

One of the most popular options for weddings today is the destination package. Pick an exotic destination, and make it your wedding location. Get married in Costa Rica or Spain, for example. Most couples use the destination as their honeymoon location too. Packaging multiple items into one deal can save you money during this celebratory time.

Romantic Elopement

Some couples are just ready to start their lives together. They don’t want a big party and months of planning. There’s no reason why you can’t have a spectacular ceremony at an alternative site, such as a famous wedding chapel Las Vegas. Decorate the location, and invite your closest friends. These chapels often have themes that can truly make a ceremony unforgettable.

The Cruise-Ship Scene

Combine your wedding, reception, and honeymoon into one package. Performing your ceremony on a cruise ship and taking off with the vessel is a fantastic way to kick off a marriage. Many cruise lines offer bulk discounts for your group as well. It never hurts to ask about discounts and perks while on the ship.

At-Home Comfort

Your parent’s home may be the right choice for certain couples. Saving money is the key perk in this case. Move the furniture out from the home for a party indoors. Rent a tent and accessories for a backyard affair. It’s possible to have a fancy reception at home with a bit of imaginative thinking.

Your budget will ultimately narrow down your search for the perfect wedding location. Be honest with your finances and wedding goals. Creating a small wedding to save money for the honeymoon might be your final choice. In the end, you’ll have a distinct day to call your own as mister and missus start their life together.

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