Bringing the power of Ayurveda to every household: Vanity Wagon launches Greenberry Organics

Vanity Wagon (India’s 1st organic beauty marketplace) leaves no stone unturned when it comes to bringing the beauty and skincare junkie the best of the clean and green beauty world.

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Vanity Wagon recently added Greenberry Organics in their kitty of sale. This new green brand re-roots the significance of 5000-yr old Indian life science and the principles of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Yoga and more in today's modern society through their safe and natural products.

The analysis of the less-comprehended but hugely applauded benefits extracted from nature-based and organic products fuel Vanity wagon to unveil the existence of such amazing and clean brands. The innovative formulations of the products curated by Greenberry Organics are all that is imperative to bring about a switch from chemical to care with well-delivered results. (

The Indian market is sure to love the ideal products by Greenberry Organics, owing to their vision of exploring nature’s bounty for curative properties. Greenberry Organics bring a gamut of natural skincare solution through its amazing products including Bio Active Under eye gel, anti-acne foaming facewash, skin lightening face gel, SPF 40 sunscreen spray lotion, fresh cucumber mint toner, aloe very hydro 3 in 1 gel and more. The brand is also well-versed about its social responsibility of acquiring ingredients safely and sustainably. The certification from USDA and ECOCERT makes the brand even more reliable and loved.

The company was conceived when Arjoon Mehra (founder) realized the diminishing value of the power of botanicals. He decided to create awareness about the same through personal care products and so Greenberry Organics was born. (buy zolpidem online india) The brand stands strong on their fundamental and eco-friendly vision of obtaining benefits from only pure plant-based ingredients. It defies resorting to harmful chemicals to look or feel good. Arjoon Mehra believes that nature has everything in its store that we need and so their products are absolutely safe for everyone, including children.

Some of their top-rated products that you must order at right away are Midrash 3-in-1 (face scrub, mask, and cleanser), Aloe vera hydro 3 in 1 gel, Bioactive bright day cream, detox charcoal face wash and SPF 40+ Sunscreen spray lotion.