Natural Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day That Won’t Break the Bank
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Natural Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day That Won’t Break the Bank

Beauty and personal style are as important an aspect as any on your wedding day. Considering the advent of the Instagram generation, it’s normal to want to go all out when it comes to your wedding day look. But professional styling can be really expensive and can sometimes use up the majority of your wedding budget. Apart from racking up unnecessary credit card expenses that will be a burden later, spending copious amounts of money on styling isn’t worth it in the long run.

That being said, you should still be able to look your finest on your big day. Here are five beautifying tips for how to style yourself as naturally as possible, in order to save money on your wedding day look:

Water for the Win!

The most natural of all beauty products, water has countless benefits when it comes to skin. Drinking a glass of water every hour through the day has been shown to improve radiance, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and give you a healthy, supple complexion that can’t be faked. If you aren’t in the habit of regularly hydrating, then make it a point to start drinking water every day. By the time your wedding day rolls around, you’ll find that your face is naturally glowing.

Glowing Skin

Great skin reduces the need for makeup in the first place, so being on top of your skincare game is key. Make sure you follow an everyday skincare routine. Use sunscreen, moisturize your face, and no matter how late you come home from a night out, completely remove any makeup you may have on. It’s terrible to sleep with makeup on, and you will curse yourself the next day for the effect it has on your skin. Exfoliate at least once a week, and try to stick to natural or dermatologist-approved products rather than transient beauty fads.

If you suffer from facial hair, consider laser hair removal. While laser hair removal can be expensive, it is a long-lasting solution to facial hair problems, and it doesn’t lead to acne or rashes like other hair removal methods (waxing, hair removal creams) often do. Today, even home laser hair removal kits are popular and effective — and relatively less expensive than the clinical option. In the long term, investing in laser hair removal might actually save you money and will require much less makeup to cover up not only on your wedding day, but for any other day in the future.

Makeup Hacks

Even if you have perfect skin, you’ll want a little makeup so that you look great in your wedding pictures. However, makeup artists can be an expensive proposition. Thankfully, for those that can’t afford professional makeup artists, there are other options.

They key takeaway here is to do as much as you can on your own. If you have a friend who does great makeup, enlist her to be your artist for the big day. Alternately, you could always head to the mall. Most makeup counters offer complimentary makeovers, hoping that you’ll buy at least one product afterwards. Find a counter you love and schedule a complimentary makeover for the day of your wedding. On the day itself, you can buy yourself the lipstick your artist used so that you are able to touch up when you need to!

Finally, you could always go the DIY route. There are tons of DIY beauty products and treatments out there that can help you glam up for the wedding. And if you think DIY is too passe, think of Kate Middleton — she did her own makeup for her wedding and looked absolutely fabulous.

Slay That Smile

Obviously you’ll want pearly whites for all those pictures you’ll be posing in. Professionally whitening teeth through laminates and veneers costs an arm and a leg, often out of reach for the budget bride. Instead, choose specific whitening toothpastes to use when you brush daily. Make it a point to brush after eating or drinking particularly staining foods (think coffee) so as to quickly remove any residual stains. You could also try teeth-whitening home remedies. For example, some people swear by the use of activated charcoal for brightening smiles, while others prefer the baking soda and lemon route.

Let Your Inner-Beauty Shine

You know how people say true beauty is internal? Well, it’s true in more ways than one. To look like the radiant bride you want to be, you need to take care of your internal system. Start by eating healthier. Avoid sugary and processed foods that will only lead to bloating and belly fat.  Focus on vegetables and fruits. These help to detox the body and in turn boost energy and clear the skin. Maintain an active exercise regime. Sweating is one of the best ways to detox your skin, and leave you with a natural glow. As an added benefit, exercising will help boost your endorphins and keep you sane during the hectic and stressful wedding planning phase. If you are looking to get a bit more extreme and dive into liposuction, check out the pre-mentioned resource.

It’s totally possible to look stunning at your wedding while also saving money. Use these tips to naturally glam it up on your big day without putting a hole in your pocket.

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