10 Tips to Level up Your Marriage Proposal
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10 Tips to Level up Your Marriage Proposal

A wedding proposal is one of the most exciting and chilling events in someone else’s life – whether you’re the one proposing or the one proposed to. Getting down on your knees in front of the woman you love to pop the life-changing question can instantly give you the inexplicable and electrifying feeling.

You’ll surely sense the immense excitement together with chills down to your spine. Simply because it’s the time you take a leap to a more serious level of your relationship.

Truly, it’s a once in a lifetime event that requires time, effort and brilliant planning. No doubt on why people are going gaga when planning for this big day.

If you’re setting off on proposing to your partner, there’s no need to have a heart attack because the answers are right in front of you.  The following are the helpful tips you can do to make your wedding proposal as one of the happiest moments of your love story. 

     1. Consider the timing

Good timing is the key. You don’t merely think of your own feelings and propose right away. It’s always better to think of the status of your relationship or the mood of one another first.

If you’re on cold war, keep the plan standing by and wait for one another to make up. Likewise, be aware of the current mood of your partner. You don’t want to get a “no” as an answer, thus, you better back-off if you feel like she’s stressed or a little devastated.

     2. Ask for the parents blessing

This may sound very traditional but never disregard asking for the parents’ (of either side) blessings. As a sign of respect and good intentions, you must ask for your partner’s hand from her parents.

This simple act will show how sincere and faithful you are to start a new chapter of your life with the woman of your dreams. Take note that it’s necessary to get to know and to get close with each other’s future in-laws whether you’re the man or the woman.

     3. Choose a nostalgic location or venue

You might feel hopeless in choosing the possible location or venue for your most-awaited wedding proposal. Don’t worry because the least you can do is to note down the remarkable places you’ve been to with her.

This could be the place where you had her as your girlfriend, where you first met each other, where you first held each other’s hands, had your first kiss, and so on, The most important thing isn’t choosing an expensive and elegant place, it’s about creating the nostalgic effect – not only for her but for the both of you.

     4. Don’t forget to invite the closest people in your lives

The biggest mistake you can do on that big day is forgetting the closest people in your lives to be part of it. The first people you would want to celebrate with are none other than your family, and friends no matter what, right?

Thus, when planning on your wedding proposal, let them be the first ones on the guests’ list. It will absolutely be more meaningful with the closest people by your side as you take a step forward holding your partner’s hand.

     5. Select the best time and date

Like how you’re advised to pay attention to the current mood of your partner, you must also decide on the best time and date. Selecting the most appropriate time and date includes checking on the weather. Of course, you wouldn’t want to exchange vows in the middle of the stormy weather, would you? 

     6. Hire a documenting team to record the notable day

To keep the moment lasts a lifetime, you can hire the best documenting team you know. You can’t be the only one preparing the whole thing as well as putting cameras around only to record the heart-warming moment.

The best and most convenient way is to ask for the help of the mighty service of the photographers. They have this extraordinary ability to see and document beyond the naked eyes.

     7. Do something unique and make it fun

It’s innate that wedding proposals are meant to be solemn and private. However, nowadays, doing tricks and trips is a whole new level. Go and think out of the box.

Try to think of something unique to make the wedding proposal remarkably fun for all. You can show videos of your trips together, a re-enactment of her favourite part of a movie with you in it, or a slideshow of all the gathered memories, and so on and so forth.

     8. Never ever forget the ring!

The engagement ring will be the one to symbolise your promises to her. That’s why never ever forget getting the best ring for the woman of your dreams.

You can get her a diamond ring, pink diamond engagement ring, Argyle pink diamonds, pearls, or any gemstones of your choice. Keep in mind to know her ring size or else, you’ll be doomed to see it won’t fit.

     9. Pick a romantic song to intensify the mood

Don’t underestimate what a romantic song can do for your wedding proposal. It can effortlessly brighten up and intensify the mood like a flash of light.

Everyone will absolutely get teary-eyed with a romantic song that might be sentimental for the both of you, playing in the background. Moreover, it kills boredom in the atmosphere, thus, don’t neglect to pick the right song.

     10. Blurt out the question from the bottom of your heart

By the time you think everything’s on the right place, get her closer to your and slowly get down on your knees. This is the moment that will greatly create an extraordinary turn in both of your lives. Pop up the question with full of love and sincerity. And the last thing is, make sure that she’ll say “Yes”.

Final Thoughts: 

When you wholeheartedly love a person, you’ll not think twice of doing and giving your best for the triumph of your love story. And planning a perfect wedding proposal is one of the greatest gifts you could ever offer to her.

If you have helpful tips to share, kindly reach out to us and let our readers know what your bright minds know.


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