5 Different Ways To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe
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5 Different Ways To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe

Most of us dress as an expression of ourselves. Whatever we choose to wear is an extension of our personalities and it is how we see ourselves. Our clothes reveal a lot about us and they are a little piece of who we are. If you are on a mission to embrace sustainability in your life, you might not want to skip over your wardrobe. There are multiple ways you can include sustainability in your closet.

  1. Shop second hand

The best way to help the environment and to live more sustainably is to shop second hand. Whenever you are looking for something new, you could try exploring the local thrift stores for pieces you might not be able to find anywhere. You will be surprised by the uniqueness of the pieces. If visiting a thrift store does not appeal to you, there are many ways you can shop for second-hand clothes online as well. You can learn more about it on https://mersgoodwill.org/. You can also find unique pieces on Facebook buy and sell groups.

2.   Support businesses that embrace organically sourced materials

Try to do research before you spend your hard-earned money. If you are looking to invest in staples for your wardrobe, you need to look for companies that use organic materials instead of fabrics and synthetic fibers. Natural materials like linen, cotton, and help should be your ideal choice.

3.   Shop from companies that give back to the planet

You will find many manufacturers who are doing a great job to help the earth and further the cause. Support companies that have embraced initiatives to support the environment. Choose companies that drive change in the local community and across the globe.

4.   Check for labels

There are numerous labels, certifications, and designations which the products earn for meeting the environmentally friendly standards. You need to look for these labels which indicate that the clothing manufacturers have met certain environmental standards.

5.    Choose a capsule wardrobe

The easiest way you can choose a sustainable wardrobe is by buying less stuff. You need to take a good look at the closet and dig out the stuff that you own but you have not worn in one year. You will be surprised to see how much stuff you actually have. Keep your wardrobe confined to a few pieces and limit yourself to a specific number of pants, tops, and shoes. Do not continue spending on more stuff simply because you might wear it in the future. Opt for pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. This will also save you time and money.

Keep these five simple steps in mind if you want to contribute to the environment. With every purchase you make, you need to ask yourself if you really need it. If the answer is yes, consider its impact on the planet and only then make a decision to spend your money on a new dress or top for your wardrobe.

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