Why Should Couples opt for Marriage Counseling?
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Why Should Couples opt for Marriage Counseling?

It doesn’t matter whether you are married or dating someone, couples therapy or marriage counseling is necessary for all the couples at some point in time in their life. It is not necessary that you need to go through some serious relationship problems to go for couples therapy. It is a counseling session which helps couples to get a better hold on to their relationship. This therapy will help you to sort out differences, allow you to communicate freely, reduce relationship distress, etc. For example, if you ever experience any kind of conflict or communication gap in your relationship then you must go for a marriage counseling or couples therapy session.

It is very important to understand what is going on with yourself so that you can understand what is going wrong in your love life. We always tend to find flaws in our loved ones but we never look onto ourselves. We can have flaws too and it is necessary to rectify your flaws before you ask your partner to rectify their own. Couples therapy also allows you to manage stress and rebuild the relationship from scratch.  As we all know that marriage is a colossal relationship and it doesn’t matter whether you are going to get married, planning to get married or you are already married. A counseling session will help you get a clearer view of the life you and your partner expect to lead.

Ways to Keep a Relationship Alive by Couples Therapy

Couples therapy doesn’t only addresses marital issues, but it also helps in resolving issues between the partners who can be dating or in a live-in relationship. Here we have listed how and where couples therapy can help you resolve issues.

  • It allows couples to take out some time from their day to day busy schedule and sit together to focus on their relationship.
  • The therapy counselor is a mediator to whom you can express your thoughts, feelings, issues related to your partner. The mediator, in turn, gives necessary advice and facilitates healthy communication between the two of you.
  • Further, the therapist also helps in improving the relationship by suggesting effective ways to get things sorted.
  • The marriage counselor helps in analyzing behavioral patterns to identify the root of conflict and resolve it through communication.
  • If a conflict is tough to resolve then the counselor helps in modifying the resolving pattern which will eventually help you eliminate relationship issues.
  • According to couples therapy, both the partners are allowed to communicate freely without blocking any of their views, wishes, and thoughts.
  • You or your partner might reach the point where they lose their cool and the counselor moderates the situation to keep things under control.
  • A marriage counselor provides tools to improve your relationship from any bad or worse situation. For instance, you are an active smoker and your partner doesn’t like it at all, under such condition the counselor will ask you to give up the bad habit of smoking for the sake of saving the relationship.
  • In some cases, it is found that the male partner tries to boss over their female partner which is not right. In such a situation, the counselor takes a separate session with the male partner to resolve their problem for saving the relationship from breaking.
  • It also helps in creating a more realistic picture of the situation and bringing you or your partner from their merry dream world which doesn’t exist.
  • Often partners fail to speak up the truth if they have cheated or are cheating. Couples therapy helps you to confront your partner and draw out the truth regarding any conflict.

When is Couples Therapy Effective?

Couples therapy is something which requires mutual acceptance and trust to resolve issues in front of a counselor. If either of the partners denies for this therapy then you cannot force them. Spouses must go for this therapy session under their own will and not under influence or pressure. Besides, the spouses must have expectations regarding their marriage or relationship else the therapy is a waste of time and effort. Also, you must consider that a single session cannot help you resolve issues overnight. It requires at least 4 to 5 such sessions before you find clarity in the relationship. As we mentioned before, this therapy is effective in any stage of a relationship, which means you can choose one right before your wedding proposal as well.

Aftereffects of Couples Therapy

  1. Develops the View of the Relationship

In the process of the therapy, you will witness a change in the view you had or your partner had about the relationship. The counselor helps in putting up a more practical picture of the relation in front of you. (www.laserdocmd.com) Besides, you will also notice that both of you have stopped playing the blame game. By the end of the therapy, you have a much more eased up situation with your partner.

  1. Transforms Dysfunctional Behavior

The most important reason for couples therapy is that couples experience a behavioral change in themselves due to this therapy. You might not know how badly you behave with your partner. This, in turn, gives rise to conflicts which can ruin the relationship. Therapists assess the behavior of both the partners carefully to locate the cause of conflict. Once the behavioral issue is resolved, you have a happy relationship.

  1. Reduces Emotional Avoidance

It is pretty common in couples that they cannot express their emotional feelings. This is caused due to two main reasons. Firstly, your partner is too busy with their day to day life. Secondly, your partner is too blind or emotionless to understand. In both conditions, it leads to a problematic relationship. After going through the marriage counseling session, it is evident among couples that they take special care about each other’s feelings. They are a lot more expressive and vocal about their private feelings.

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