Things to buy for an Indian bride
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Things to buy for an Indian bride

The gift is surely a way to express your love, but choosing the right gift for a bride on her D-day, is quite an overwhelming task. All of us are stuck in the same situation at least once in every wedding season. But you need not worry anymore because we have come up with this article, which gives you exact ideas to choose the best gift for an Indian bride.

What to gift an Indian bride?

According to the changing times, the choices and the requirements of Indian women have also undergone a drastic change. Therefore, choosing the right gift for a modern Indian bride seems a little tricky. However, there are some gifting ideas which we have suggested down below. These are not the regular dining plates or bed sheets. These are way more than being stereotypical or boring.

  1. Couple spa coupons

This choice of a gift does not require any sort of explanation. Both the bride and groom require some peaceful time after an exhausting wedding ceremony. Therefore, they will surely appreciate this effort of yours.

  1. Fully or Partially Sponsor Their Honeymoon

No one will ever deny that the honeymoon period is one of the best periods of the married life. The newly married couple will be grateful for your inputs to make sure they have a blast at their honeymoon.

  1. A Piece of Jewelry

No woman on this earth says no to jewelry and this is the reason why jewelry is considered to be one of the most classic gift ideas. You can either gift her a trendy piece of jewelry or traditional gold jewelry. But we will like to suggest that you should gift a classic, elegant yet modern piece of jewelry, which she can wear regularly.

  1. Coupons for shopping

Each and everyone loves shopping. And shopping with your husband is altogether more enjoyable at least for a woman. So, you can either gift them a gift card or voucher or make an online transfer to their e-wallet from which they can carry out their shopping.

  1. Cookbook

A woman either a traditional or modern has to cook delicious food for their family. Therefore, a nice cookbook gifted by you will come handy to them while they are busy hustling in the kitchen.

  1. Perfume

Although a choice of perfume may vary from person to person there are some classic perfumes, which most women like. You can either buy a classic Coco Chanel No. 5 or go ahead and ask the bride as to which perfume is on her wish list.

  1. A set of cook wear

Just like a good cookbook every Indian bride requires a good set of cook wear in which she can cook delicious food and serve it to her family.

  1. Beautiful Photo Frame

Everyone loves to cherish their beautiful memories, and the easiest way to give a physical form to your memories is by putting it up in an equally beautiful photo frame. You can just beautifully frame their engagement or pre-wedding photo-shoot photo and there you have a very personalized gift for an Indian bride!

  1. Traditional Clothing

An Indian Bride has to make not one but many appearances as a new daughter-in-law. This is when she can adorn traditional sarees or suit, which is gifted by you. It is recommended that one should either gift a traditional classic saree or a salwar suit material, as there is no requirement of proper fitting. The bride can get it stitched according to her size and design it as she likes.

  1. Electronic Gadgets

The modern Indian bride is just like any of us and will sure like to use the latest electronic gadgets that trend. So you can just buy them an electronic gadget, which you assume they will like or give them a shopping coupon with a note, “this is for your new Gadget”

  1. Ceramic Serve wear

Indian women mostly love their crockery made of ceramic. So, you can get them elegant ceramic serve wears, which they can treasure.

  1. A Comfy and Classy Bedding Set

A comfortable, classy and beautiful bedding set is a must-have for every newly wedded couple. Make sure they look good and aren’t boring and white.

  1. Jewelry Holder

To hold her beautiful pieces of jewelry all she needs is a jewelry holder. You can either gift her a jewelry holder in the form of a jewelry box or jewelry holder in the form of a plate, which she can place on her vanity. All her jewelry is taken care of in this way.

  1. Geometric Terrarium

The easiest way to add greens in your interior décor is having a terrarium. Additionally, geometric designs in the metallic texture are so in the trend these days. The bride might like to add a home décor piece in her new home.

  1. A Couple Showpiece

An elegant and classy couple showpiece never fails to mesmerize anyone. It adds elegance to the overall home décor. So, you can also get a beautiful home décor piece for couples which she can use to decorate her new home.

  1. Corkboard Map

If by any chance you have any clue that the newly wedded couple loves to travel, then you can gift them a corkboard map, which can be used as a multifunctional piece in their bedroom. It can be used as a quirky décor piece along with use it as a bucket list of their travel destination.

Final thoughts

If you have a special relationship with the bride, you can gift her something you know she always wanted. It not only strengthens your bond but also makes her happy thinking about how thoughtful you are towards her. Make sure you know what she likes, wants, and needs to give her something that she will use. Also, ensure that it comes to use for both of them so that the groom is not left out.