Interesting gifts by groomsmen and bridesmaid

Interesting gifts by groomsmen and bridesmaid

If your friend is getting married, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen are very important members of the entire wedding celebration. The groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts should be memorable and a little naughty too to make the wedding more special for the couple. Here are some great unique and fun gift ideas which you can gift as a bridesmaid or groomsmen. If your best friend is getting married, you would definitely want to gift them something zesty and naughty.

 Unorthodox ideas to heat up the couple’s nights

  • A personalized whiskey glass set

Gift your groom a personalized whiskey glass and a bottle of whiskey to make him ready to get off his sensations for a wild first night with his wife. He will treasure those moments forever.

  • A sexy bodysuit for the bride

This is a perfect gift for your bride from a bridesmaid to don on her honeymoon beach destination. Her husband will surely be lured seeing the bride dressed in a sexy body-hugging c and cleavage showing body suit.

  • A vibration ring made of Silicone

Your friend may have a wife to give him pleasure bit the vibrating rings do have the pleasure of their own. The products tend to penetrate the vibrations for a long time like 40 minutes.

  • Glowing boxer shorts for your friend

This cheeky gift for your best friend is an excellent way to imbibe some fun on his first sexy night with his mistress. The light turns on the boxers when the lights go completely off.

  • Board games on sex

Have the couple indulge in some foreplay with an exquisite sex board games which suggest the different game positions. It really creates a fascinating atmosphere before the newlyweds get up close and personal.

  • Some sexy weeding Lingerie

Gift your bride some sexy set of lingerie like a silk nighty, corsets made of laces, thongs, satin garters, etc. This truly sexy lingerie is surely going to turn on the guy.

  • A Shower set for the duo

Why not imbibe more love between the lovebirds. Why should they take turns to freshen up? A chrome plated couple shower set can let the lovebirds shower together under the shower head up and close. A truly sexy idea for the newlyweds.

  • Create some love in the Air

Scented candles set and perfume is ideas for the new couple’s first night. It is said a soothing sensation of smell gets the couple does to better sex on their first night. It creates a very romantic feel.

  • A deep tissue massage for the couple

The newlyweds may be really stressed and tired after the celebrations. Gift them a spa massage for two or better than that gift them an assortment of scented oils and creams. ( They can massage them onto each other and need not leave their cozy bedroom.

  • It’s best to rev up the couples room to create a romantic feel

The newlywed’s room can be prepped with satin sheets or silk curtains and sexy velvet pillows and scented with romantic floral scents and candles all around. These can really do the trick for a great first night.

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  • The Kama sutra shaped chocolates

One of the naughtiest gifts which you can give the couple is by adding sweetness and naughtiness to their loves. Kamasutra shaped chocolates in different shapes and sex positions inspired by Kama Sutra are surely going the keep the couple giggling all day while enjoying its sweetness.

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