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Ideal Furniture for an Outdoor Wedding

As the wedding day crawls closer, everyone starts choosing color palettes and bridesmaid dresses for a perfect outdoor wedding. When you take care of the decoration part, the most important thing you need to look at is the furniture. Right furniture sets the tone of a wedding and furniture is an essential part of a rustic wedding after bridesmaid dress and the color palette. The first thing that guests notice in a marriage is the decoration, peculiarly chairs.

The top furniture ideas for an outdoor wedding


Good chairs provide a backdrop for the wedding. If the chairs clash with the overall decor, it ruins the atmosphere of the event because the right chair anchors the critical elements of the wedding style and sets a tone for the wedding. Therefore, we have discussed how you can choose the perfect chairs for an ideal outdoor wedding.

Wooden chairs are one of the primary choices for wedding chairs because they can be used in both outdoor weddings and indoor receptions. Wooden chairs are foldable and help in clearing some space for a reception or other activities. Owing to it being foldable, they can be easily moved from one place to another. Wooden chairs are ideal for weddings held in a small area. White wooden chairs with white ladder padding are comfortable and elegant. In the case of rustic tables, brown chairs are an excellent choice as it blends in and compliments the wooden undertone of the table.

Chiavari chairs are another popular choice and are the best choice for rustic type wedding. Chiavari tables are beautiful and perfectly compliment rustic trestle tables, and limewash distressed trestle tables. Choosing the right style, color, and pieces is crucial to obtain a perfect match that compliments each other and provide an eclectic feel. Chiavari chairs come with faux leather padding and colored wooden frame that provides comfort and style to your guests. Chiavari chairs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events and look best in Gold, Silver and Crystal Resin.

The final type of chair is the Limewash Chiavari Chairs which are ideal for a country style event. Limewash Chairs are old European style chairs which are characterized by striking hues and earthy tones. Limewash Chiavari Chairs come with a limewashed wooden frame which can be chosen from green, ivory, black, blue, gold or red seat pads. These chairs are easily stackable and are easy to store and move.


During the reception, the table is the first thing your guests will notice. An ideal table with subtle wood tones compliments the wedding palette without overpowering the other decorations. An elegant reception can be created with a table runner, a few candles, and centerpieces.

The classic wooden rustic trestle table consists of groove and tongue construction. The rustic table comes in multiple measurements with 6′ x 2’6″ and 6′ x 3 being the most common choices. Rustic tables also come with folding legs for easy storage and movement. A rustic table allows banquet style seating with three people on either side of the table.

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The limewash style distressed table is a modern favorite for a majority of weddings. You can consider these tables for a lighter finish. You can match the limewash style distressed table with limewash Chiavari chairs to set a perfect tone to our outdoor vintage wedding. These tables have a shabby chic feel and a distressed look because of the painting and sanding of these tables in a specific way. The limewash style distressed tables measure 6’x 2’6″ and come with foldable legs for easy storage and moving. These tables usually feature sturdy construction. A distressed lime washed trestle table combines perfectly with limewash Chiavari chairs and white wooden chairs.

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