Breaking Traditions: 10 Fun Quirky Wedding Ideas to Steal

When you think of a wedding, your mind brings you to a bride in her pristine white gown walking down the aisle and an emotional groom patiently waiting at the altar. A bevy of young ladies in flowy dresses and a group of dashing young men in suits also come to mind. And, of course, no one will forget the after-party, where everyone lets loose.

But a wedding can break free from these so-called traditions. There are unique, unconventional, and out-of-the-box ideas that can help you bring something new to the table. And these ideas will give you a quirky wedding.

What is a Quirky Wedding?

Peculiar, unexpected, and out-of-the-ordinary details make up for a quirky wedding. While being quirky is subjective, there are typical practices done during weddings. And if you veer from them, it’s safe to say you have a quirky wedding.

Quirky Wedding Themes

The whole quirky concept starts with an appropriate wedding theme. A theme will help the couple imagine and set up the visual components of the wedding. The guests will also get ideas on what to wear.

Spooky Union

Who in the right mind will set a Halloween-themed wedding? Newsflash! A lot of couples are now taking advantage of the pumpkin-coloured theme. Autumn colours fill the table details, and guests wear their good-for-the-chilly-season outfits.

A Night of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Books and movies have always been a part of wedding theme choices. And one theme that has become a classic is Harry Potter. It’s a great theme to let the imagination run free, like having magic wands as favours and cocktail drinks referred to as poisons.

What Are Some Quirky Wedding Ideas?

We prepared some wedding tips and a few quirky wedding ideas to help you achieve another level of fun and sentimentality for your special day.

Newsworthy Wedding Invitation


Let it be known in a clever way that you are getting married with a newspaper wedding invite. A headline about your upcoming wedding date, details of the wedding, and a map going to the venue are just some information you can include.

Solemn I Do’s


The location of any event forms part of the mood of the celebration. And so, an unusual wedding venue will help you score the quirky side of your celebration. One venue that might not cross your mind when celebrating your wedding is the library. We all know how we should shush inside so as not to disturb the readers. But get the permit from the library officer, set your wedding inside, and see how magnificent and solemn your ceremony can be.

A Voice of Love


Some weddings will ask guests to write a message, take a photo and hang it on the wall, or imprint their fingerprints. But this time, take your guests to a significant throwback by setting up an audio guestbook. Place a vintage phone pre-programmed as a recording device. Let guests record their congratulatory message for the couple.

A Burst of Colours


Gone are the days when brides create a bridal party with what seems to be ladies in uniform. Bridesmaids now have the liberty to express themselves with multicoloured dresses. Imagine how cute a lemon bridesmaid dress will look among other pastel and summer colours.

Floral Alternative


Exchange those bridesmaid bouquets for decorated tambourines. They will also come in handy during the wedding kiss and other more celebratory moments of the celebration.

Couple Shoes


A wedding does not happen only for an hour. So, a pair of comfy shoes will come in handy. It will also be easier for you to dance and groove to the wedding playlist.

A Different Arrangement


Upon entering the ceremony venue like the church, one sees rows of pews or chairs neatly arranged. But try out a circular fashion of chair arrangement. Everybody gets a 360-degree view of the ceremony’s sweetest (and funniest) moments. Just imagine how cool it would look on a drone shot.

Flower Grandma


Let the “young once” take the wedding aisle while the true young ones giggle. A flower grandma, instead of a flower girl, will bring laughter and tears during the ceremony.

First Ink


Scrap the first dance idea and have yourselves inked for the first time as a married couple. Have your favourite couple symbol tattooed on a body part that you can see easily. Let the tattoo remind you daily of your wedding day and your love for each other.

Live Art


There is something more romantic about a painting than a photo. Hire an artist to live paint during your ceremony or reception. Then have the happiest day of your life hung on the wall after.

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