Ideas for the bachelor

Ideas for the bachelor party – from cute to ironic

A bachelor party has long been a nice custom in Germany, too, and most brides and grooms look forward to it. Of course, after the marriage you do not have to completely abandon parties, however, many bachelors use their farewell before the wedding once again for a debauched celebration. Thus, the bride and groom should enjoy time apart once again before they commit themselves forever. But how should you plan a JGA? There are many different approaches from cute to ironic, but in the end it is probably the character of the bride or groom that decides how the day will go. Ideas for the bachelor party- 

The groomsmen decide, Ideas for the bachelor party

In times of WhatsApp and Co. the planning of JGAs is quickly started, because this way all guests can always stay informed about the planning and also bring in their own ideas. Stress should be avoided, however, because in the end it only depends on what the bachelors would supposedly like to experience at their farewell. In the end, it is usually up to the groomsmen to plan the JGAs in detail. 

When planning activities, it can quickly become ironic, because at many JGAs, the bachelors are coerced into performing embarrassing games or tasks that are primarily meant to amuse the guests. However, it should not be overdone, because the bride and groom should also have had their fun at the end of the day. Cute JGAs are primarily suitable for women, but a trend is emerging here as well. Activities such as painting studios, wellness vacations or trips to the amusement park are no longer a rarity. 

Pub crawl and escort

Men are increasingly opting for a pub crawl in a larger city. This can create entire trips, which in this day and age also no longer have to be planned by themselves. If you search for Escorts in Dusseldorf, for example, you will quickly find appropriate offers for a guided JGA. So-called guides take over the planning of the bachelor party and thus offer the best deal, since they know their own city best. With a pub crawl, not only the headed stations are determined, but also the way there is designed with all the amenities. For example, one can be taken from club to club in a limousine. In addition, the guides can give you access to places that you wouldn’t know as a stranger in a city and that you wouldn’t be able to get into without connections. 

Involve the bachelors for Ideas for the bachelor party

Before planning the JGAs, the bachelors should definitely be involved. Of course, the surprise should not be revealed, however, it starts with the choice of guests. As a best man, you don’t necessarily have all the people on your radar that the groom or bride would like to have with them. Furthermore, boundaries should be set as to which activities are out of the question at all. Strippers and strippers are a classic cliché for bachelor parties. However, if the groom or bride definitely does not want to have such an appearance, they should not be forced upon them. A healthy middle ground should be found here, even if the bachelors are to say at the end of the day that they did not expect everything. It also depends on the timing of the JGA, because in the best case neither of the two suspects when it is so far. 


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