Stag party

Stag party – the best tips

One thing is for sure: bachelor parties or Stag party are legendary.

Planning a bachelor party can be stressful, but it’s worth it with the following tips for Stag party.

Good planning, good bachelor or stag party

In the classic bachelor party, the following rules apply: the best man is the driving force and does the planning.

Before he starts planning, it is advisable to have the bride or groom make a list of people. This is helpful, should a person planning take place without the married couple bad surprises can happen. Unpopular persons are invited or even persons are forgotten to be invited. As a rule, siblings are obligatory, they definitely receive an invitation. Exception apply, if siblings for example are not of age.

Another point is the budget planning. Here you should record it as simple as possible, divide the total amount by the invited people. In rare cases, the best man also takes a higher share.

The bachelor party must be appropriate

It is often advisable to take into account the preferences and wishes of the couple. However, it is also possible to deviate from this and take into account small partial elements of the couple’s imagination. Finally, the best man has the planning firmly in hand. However, nothing should be planned that the couple does not like at all. As an example, for someone who is not interested in horses to organize a care day with horses would be a big mistake. Here you should positively surprise the couple or the bride or groom.

Creativity and ‘WOW’ moments score

On creativity, the boundaries should be stretched very roughly. Surprise with a flight abroad for a weekend or a long weekend from Friday to Monday. Work-wise, you should coordinate this with your employer as well as the people at the bachelor party. The idea of picking up at work with the entire team would be quite surprising. Exaggerate it with dark glasses so that the person cannot guess where it is going. Don’t worry, there will be no panic, the person is traveling with known adults after all. The trip here should also be well organized, it makes sense to hire professionals to do it such as an Escort Service in Düsseldorf.

Gadgets and basic may not be missing

The absolute classics on a bachelor party should not be missing. That’s right, photos and video recordings are mandatory. In today’s modern times, this is done by a smartphone. But also cameras that generate a constant recording in high-resolution images or videos are very suitable. Because the own bachelor party in full length is currently very rare. In addition, all the crackers and laughs are recorded and can be played at the wedding as a film clip.

Basics are T-shirt imprints or merchandising with initials or other ideas from the bachelor. You can also gladly play a theme throughout with an imprint on caps or utensils to wear.

Generally plan additional clothing and shoes for the bachelor, after all, he has to wear it at his own bachelor party.

Bachelor parties in the pandemic – no problem

Planning the bachelor party in the Corona Pandemic is only a limited obstacle. Of course, the currently valid measures should be observed and implemented in the respective country. However, with prior planning, a whole team of the bachelor can travel with. As a good tip, houses or villas can be booked and a nice weekend can be spent there. As an alternative, a rented object in the mountains, here you can celebrate quite privately. Generally, a bachelor party is also to be planned there, where there are consistently pleasant temperatures. The bachelor can spend his farewell on the beach.

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