Hidden Wedding Costs

Six Hidden Wedding Costs You Haven’t Thought of

 When it comes to sheer jubilation, few things rival the blissful moments that follow when a fella drops to his knee, pops the question and the love of his life says, Yes, I’ll marry youThat’s utter joy. But soon enough, there’s work to do on Hidden Wedding Costs — that wedding isn’t gonna plan itself. 

When that post-proposal celebration gives way to the grit and grind of wedding planning, couples immediately set in on the hunt for the best venues, attire fit for royalty and the freshest men’s wedding bands. The wedding party and guest list begin to take shape. But as couples craft their wedding vision, anxiety tends to creep in as the running cost estimate soars with Hidden Wedding Costs.

It’s a bummer, but weddings are expensive, y’all. The costs pile up in a hurry. Pretty soon, your budget is being put to the test. And we aren’t trying to increase your worry, but there’s something about weddings you should know: On top of the fees you envision, a slew of unexpected costs are probably coming your way, too. 

Sorry to tell you, but ignorance is no kind of strategy in Hidden Wedding Costs though it is a good way to end up spending a regrettable amount of money on your nuptials. It’s best to proceed with eyes open wide, so take a look at potential hidden wedding expenses. Otherwise, you aren’t going to have a clear idea of how much this thing is actually going to cost. 

Tipping Your Vendors 

Sure, you might feel like you’re already doling out megabucks for services, but even so, you need to tip those wedding vendors. I mean, it’s not like you’d go all out at a five-star restaurant and then decide to withhold a generous tip for your server because the food was so expensive. 

Hidden Wedding

And not tipping on this front is not merely a matter of being a little cheap. It’s simply an easy thing to overlook. After all, your wedding day is nonstop, and it generally concludes with a fair amount of partying. So think about this on the front end and set aside generous tips of 10 to 20 percent for your vendors. Again, you’ll probably be too busy to pass out the tips, so ask a family member or someone from the wedding party to help you out.

Hooking Up the Wedding Party

All those handsome guys and gals in your wedding party — think about all the time, energy and money they are shelling out to celebrate your nuptials. That’s why you absolutely cannot forget to get each and every one of them a special gift. 

So give those party animal dudes a party animal flask they can party with till the end of time.  Give those lovely ladies a lovely memento they can use, something that will transport them back to that special event each time they reach for it. 

Whatever you do, give these folks something that truly shows your appreciation. They’ve earned it. 

Thank You, Thank You, Thank Yous 

Sure, we’re spending a lot of time on gratitude. But from your wedding planner to all the friends and fam who’ve been with you every step along the way, when you get married, you receive so much goodwill and help it’s hard to even keep track of it all. But you be sure and keep track of it all, and when all is said and done, you need to get some heartfelt thank you cards in the mail. Make these notes personal, noting your appreciation for any gifts received. BUT do not simply send thank yous to the folks who bought you things. Any loved one who went out of their way to be with you should be getting a thank you card. 

Hidden Wedding

Couples never forget about wedding invitations, but thank you cards are too often an afterthought. These should be as cute and well-crafted as your invitations. Sure, it’s gonna cost you a bit, but this is money well-spent. 

Day-After Brunch 

When a wedding is really good, people want to keep that party going a bit with some next-day brunch. You don’t have to spring for this, but it’s a nice gesture. So if you want to treat your peeps one last time, be sure to incorporate a next-day meal into your budget. 

Service Fees Might Sneak Up on You

You might think that when you get a venue quote, then that’s precisely how much you’re going to pay. Seems like that should be the case, but a lot of venues are gonna slap you with additional service fees. These can be fairly hefty. And no, they aren’t shady. Venues simply have to spend more on staff for larger weddings and specific tasks. So just be sure to have this conversation with the venue on the front end to avoid shocking additions to your bill. 

Photo Fees on Top of Photo Fees 

So you’ve arranged your photographer and are set to go on that front. There’s a set fee. You know how much it is. You’re good to go. Or are you? Keep in mind that you are almost certainly going to need to pay additional money for wedding prints and albums. The photographer fee generally pays for your photographer’s time and talent. Those pics you want to cherish forever, though well, those are gonna cost you extra. Be sure and chat this through with your photographer before the big day. Again, we’re all about eliminating surprises here. 


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