Wedding Traditions (And How To Break Them!)

Weddings are crazy, expensive, and totally up to the couple. As cliché as it is, weddings really are a reflection of the two people married and the traditions they want to follow. (Xanax)  

There’s no right or wrong way you can do things – if that’s what you’re looking for in a wedding, you’ll likely have different needs that some might not be able to accommodate or agree with. 

Break Your Wedding Traditions And Make Them Something You’ll Love

One thing that many couples find overwhelming when they begin to plan their wedding is the sheer amount of options that are available. From the venue, to the dress and the catering – there are thousands of choices for you to make, which can be overwhelming and even a little daunting.

Keeping your wedding traditions in mind will help you make decisions and stick to your vision! 

There’s nothing wrong with getting inspiration from other people’s weddings, but some couples find it best to maintain their own vision and not get too caught up with what other people want or consider traditional.

Here are a few ideas for modern twists on classic traditions.

Take The Party Somewhere Else 

It’s tradition to have a reception, but who says it should be in a specific venue? Instead of being cornered into a huge, traditional wedding party, why don’t you and your partner book the reception somewhere else like a fancy restaurant or even a campground?

If you want to stay in the same town or city where you’re getting married, that’s fine! There are plenty of other things to do in the area worthy of your attention. (Tramadol)  

Do A Different Type Of Photography

Wedding photos are great, but they can look very posed. Why not try a different type of photography?

Styles such as bridal boudoir photography allow you to celebrate and remember your special time with a difference. 

Have A Secret Ceremony

The decision to have a secret ceremony is one that can be very appealing for the couple, especially if it’s a traditional wedding, but having a secret ceremony does come with its own set of concerns. 

From legal issues to dealing with children, some couples might find that having a secret ceremony is not right for them and decide against it.

There are also other options such as going out at night and saying your vows in the front yard or somewhere else outside of the venue and returning before anyone can see you. 

Let Her Walk Up The Aisle Alone

It’s a very traditional thing for the bride to walk down the aisle with her father, but for some brides, this just isn’t something they want to do.

Having the mother of the bride, grandmother or grandfather of the bride walk up the aisle is a nice alternative, but walking up the aisle alone is empowering too!

Have A Wild Wedding

This doesn’t mean wild behavior, rather getting out in nature and married outdoors! 

There are so many incredible places to get married that you might want to consider some great nature locations like beaches, forests, parks and more! 

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