Wedding Plan Mistakes to avoid
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Wedding Plan Mistakes to avoid

Weddings are those special moments in everyone’s life that are not only extraordinary, but they are enriched with specific cultures and filled with the happiness of two families. Two amazing families get together for this auspicious event so they can celebrate the magic of love together. (Advair Diskus)

Planning a Wedding is a very hectic job, and every single one should do this very cautiously as it is a once in a lifetime experience. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 mistakes you should avoid while planning a proper wedding. So, here are the ten mistakes you should avoid while planning a wedding –

10) Planning A Budget – 

Every family craves for this once in a lifetime experience of their life. So, they start to save every inch of their savings right from the very beginning. Planning a budget is one of the major mistakes you should while planning a wedding.

Instead of going for ‘I want this’ and ‘I want that’ both the families should sit down and plan a fixed budget. How can you spend on shopping, dining, and clothing without having a proper budget in the first place? So before going for that worth of millions of jewelry, sit down and discuss the budget.

9) Not Thinking about the Weather –

The day has arrived, and you are so excited to wear that precious dress of yours, but as soon as you go out you see it’s raining and all that amazing wedding went into vain, sad isn’t it? Since we all know prevention is much better than cure, so why wait to act? You must plan right from the advance what kind of wedding you want and what kind of weather it would be on that special day of yours.

If the weather control department is providing you the details that would rain on that day, you should take the necessary actions to adapt to that environment. Maybe plan an indoor wedding with all your family and have fun planning what you should do indoors rather than outdoors. Or if you want an outdoor wedding to tell your planner to take necessary actions to cope with all, that bad weather situations right from the start.

8) Sending Wedding Cards Impulsively – 

Oh, you are so excited about your wedding that you already started inviting guests from all over the world. Fast forward a week before your wedding day, you realize, you invited excess guests. Now how can you stop those who are already invited? Awkward, right!? Don’t ever send wedding cards impulsively to like every single one.

First, make a list of all the people you would like to invite and differentiate them with ‘High Priority and Less Priority’ and then first invite-only those High Priority people and then after thinking about inviting others.

7) Booking a Venue Which even Google Maps cannot Track –

One of the craziest mistakes made in wedding planning is booking a venue that is located in such a dense place that even you cannot reach there easily. How can you expect your guest will arrive on time to the location they even don’t know about and even if they know the location there is no or very few ways of transportation to travel there?

So, whenever you’re booking a venue, always remember that it should be located in a respective place where every mode of transportation is available. In this way, you would be tension free and will have a hassle-free wedding.

6) Checking the venue not properly –

We make one silly mistake, and that is, not checking the venue properly. You should always check the venue very cautiously before selecting it. You must check the basic amenities like toilets, rooms, etc. while selecting the venue. Always have a backup plan if you want a wedding in an open garden or park. Always check for security and cameras while planning a wedding in an open area.

5) Being a Sole Dictator-

You must understand planning a wedding is not even a piece of cake. You have to think about A-Z things while planning something this big. To build a Team and divide the works among each other rather than doing all the stuff alone. Rather hire a Wedding Planner with a good background portfolio. A wedding planner will help you complete the entire task which you wondered how to do.

4) Not Booking Professionals –

You dream of a wedding with rich rituals and Vibrant traditional clothes and even an amazing venue, but no one will capture this amazing moment for you. Seriously?! Always book a professional photographer/videographer/ DJ because they know what they are doing. Hiring a less experienced person just because he is taking less money from you may lead to a negative experience. So be very cautious while hiring less professional.

3) Giving Too Much Effort – 

Listen, this wedding is about you and your both families. You don’t need to please every single people around you. So, don’t overthink everything and enjoy the moment. Dance, sing, eat and do whatever you want to do since it’s a once in a lifetime experience for you.

2) Worry Less, Spend More – 

Don’t spend every single penny of yours and your family savings in just a single occasion. Try to save the unwanted attention by spending less. Save the money for your future. It may benefit you and your partner for a future tragedy or act as an investment for starting a new business. This Savings can do wonders for you and your partner, remember that!

1) Overthinking Everything – 

Okay, we know that it’s a big deal for you and both of your families, but don’t overthink everything. Take some chill and Dance and enjoy the whole limelight which is given to you and make every second count of that because it’s your wedding day.

If you have a wedding coming up in your house, make sure that you have planned everything out from the beginning. Being a little conscious and careful will eventually help you avoid all the mistakes.

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