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9 Best Luxury Wedding Gifts For Him

It’s common to give a newlywed couple gifts on their wedding day. While it seems like a no-brainer on what to give the bride, it’s not always the same when it comes to the groom. For ladies, it’s pretty challenging to figure out what a man would appreciate as a gift, especially if he has a particularly lavish taste.-Luxury Wedding Gifts 

Wedding gifts tend to be items of luxury, if not pricey. Most of the time, these items are also practical, so you’re assured the recipient gets to use them more than once. If you’re fussing over what to give the groom, consider these gift suggestions:

  1. Custom Briefcase

Personalized gifts go down really well, as they come across as more thoughtful and special than a more generic gift. Choosing something like the custom leather briefcases from allows you to gift them something special that they’ll use every work day for the next few years, which means they’ll get a lot of value from the gift, and hopefully thank you for it.

Wedding Gifts
Laptop Bag from Von Baer

2. Grooming Kit

Every man deserves to look great. Hence, a groom would appreciate a collection of tools to maintain his hygiene. A grooming kit would make the perfect present, especially for the man on the go. It should contain the essentials for trimming his beard and keeping his face clean, like a rechargeable razor with spare blades. Other tools it may include are nail clippers, a comb, an all-in-one wash, hair gel, and a small bottle of cologne.

3. Swiss Army Multi-Tool

Adventurous men need all the instruments they can get to survive the outdoors. So, a groom who loves venturing out into the unknown will appreciate a multipurpose Swiss Army knife. Fancier versions have other tools installed, like an LED flashlight, a magnifying glass, and extra screwdrivers. Find one that’s customizable so you can have his name engraved on it. It’s a lovely present whether he uses it or displays it as a collector’s item. 

4. Smart Wallet

You can never go wrong with a decent wallet, one of the most common wedding gifts for a groom. Aside from the usual bifold or trifold leather wallets, why not give a high-tech one that matches the modern era? 

Smart wallets are more compact and are often less bulky than regular wallets. They have multiple slots for cards, as well as RFID protection. Some may even have a special mechanism to access the card you need without sifting through the others. Moreover, some designs have a tracking device. So, in case it gets lost, you can track it down using an app. A man who prefers to keep his wallet in his back pocket will surely want one of those.

5. Whiskey Set- Luxury Wedding Gifts 

Who doesn’t enjoy a good drink?  If the groom has a taste for quality liquor, a personalized decanter set would be a fantastic gift. Try giving it to him before the bachelor party so he can start using it with his groomsmen. They can take shots on fancy glasses while playing party games before the big day. 

Wedding Gifts
Set of strong alcoholic beverages in glasses on a brown background. In the presence of liquor, whiskey, vodka, rum, brandy, tequila.

Have his monogram etched on the glasses for that classy, frosted look. He can also keep the set safe in a customized box of fine polished wood. Even if he doesn’t drink too much, he’s bound to have a lot of celebrations—like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries —that’ll make him bring out the glasses and an ice-cold bottle of bourbon. (Cymbalta)

6. Smartwatch

A watch is another typical wedding gift you can give a groom. But, instead of an analog watch, opt for a smartwatch. Many people are replacing their old watches with smartwatches because of their technologically-advanced features. These devices can connect to a phone, sync contacts, play music, and monitor heart rate.  

A smartwatch is a beneficial tool for a groom who needs to keep track of his health. A smartwatch is also a step counter, a fitness tracker, and a sleep monitor device in one. Most come in modern designs in black or white, so they’ll also fit well with any outfit.

7. Valet Box And Display Case

Speaking of watches, the groom might have a collection of them, and he’ll need storage if he doesn’t have one yet. A valet box is an excellent and valuable gift for men who want to organize their cufflinks, rings, and tie pins. Choose one made of a sturdy material, like wood, so it can last for a lifetime. He may even hand it over to his future children when they get older.

A valet box with glass on the lid doubles as a display case. The groom can put his favorite and most used accessories in the top compartments. Meanwhile, those for extra special occasions can sit in the bottom drawer. Before giving this as a gift, ask the seller if they can engrave the groom’s name or monogram on it to make it more personalized.

8. Voice-Activated Bluetooth Speaker

A groom who loves music will be thrilled to receive a Bluetooth speaker, even if he owns several. Portable speakers have sleek designs nowadays, so they’ll match in modern home interiors or personal offices. Other models have a dual purpose, with some also acting as a small table for the living room or den.

Look for voice-activated ones so he can control them without a remote or a push of a button. If it comes in a set, he may be able to pair the device with the others to create the perfect sound system for future parties at his home.

9. Espresso Machine- v

Drinking a nice cup of coffee is the best start to any day. And, a man with good taste will always want the perfect brew. Instead of giving the groom gift cards to his favorite coffee shop, give him an espresso machine.

Any newlywed couple will welcome gifts of home appliances. And, kitchen items are almost always favorable. Espresso machines give people the freedom to brew their own caffeinated drinks at home so that the groom can make his own coffee his way every day. He and his bride can bond over good coffee in the mornings. The latter could also do something with the used coffee grounds, like making a homemade face scrub. It’s a win-win situation for both.


Weddings are exciting events, with some guests trying to one-up each other in the gift department. If you know the groom’s preferences and his hobbies, you can narrow down the possible luxury gifts to give him. Even if he has an affluent taste, most of the time, he’ll appreciate receiving any present from you as long as it comes from the heart- Luxury Wedding Gifts .


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