Preserve Wedding Gowns

Tips on How to Preserve Wedding Gowns

It is impressive how brides-to-be have several options for their wedding gowns. Some invest thousands of dollars to have the most beautiful gown on their special day. But, what do these brides do with their wedding gowns right after the wedding? While others donate or sell their gowns, some preserve them and make it a family tradition; to pass on their gowns to the next generations.- Preserve Wedding Gowns

That’s why it is important to know wedding gown preservation. Wedding gowns are extremely delicate and designed intricately, so they must be cleaned properly. If your wedding gown is not washed and preserved, you risk the following:

  • Brown oxidation spots
  •  Mold and mildew growth
  • Fabric yellowing
  • Permanent fabric creases

Here are some important tips you should remember to preserve your wedding gown.

Dry Cleaning and Preservation

Unlike regular dry cleaning, wedding gown preservation begins with an assessment by an experienced specialist. They discuss a treatment plan according to your wedding gown’s design, fabric type, and needs.

You must ensure that the laundry service you brought your wedding gown to offers specialized wedding dress cleaning. It is better to ask your friends or family members who have tried the wedding gown preservation process to vet their works.

Moreover, before committing to any cleaner or preservationist, it is important to do thorough research about their policies and laundry process. It is best to work with someone who can guarantee the safety of your wedding gown.

Deal with Invisible Stains

You might not bring your wedding gown after the event because you do not see any stains. Well, that’s the most common and dangerous mistake you can make to your wedding gown. Invisible stains are the most difficult to deal with. You can only notice these clear stains when the sugar caramelizes over time, leading to dark brown stains that even dry cleaning cannot remove.

So, if you tend to forget about bringing your preserve wedding gowns to the professional cleaner, you are on your way to your honeymoon already. Take leverage on the laundry delivery service they offer. Do not ignore your wedding gown after the event. Time is of the essence.

Airtight Preservation Box

Wedding gowns must be preserved in an airtight box where oxygen is sucked out and replaced with nitrogen. This airtight preservation box prevents oxidation of the wedding dress. Do not break the seal once your wedding dress is inside the box. If you do, you need to have it preserved and sealed again.

Store in a Cool, Dark Place

It is essential to store your wedding gown properly. Do not place it in the corner direct from sunlight. It quickly fades and turns the dress into yellow. Moreover, do not hang the gown as it may be misshapen the dress.

Lastly, do not store it in your attic, garage, basement, or cellar. These places have extreme humidity and temperatures, quickly ruining your wedding gown.

Final Thoughts

You have to clean and preserve your wedding gown the soonest for a better outcome. It is no good to have your wedding gown preserved after six weeks from your wedding day. Moreover, check in your wedding gown every two or three years to preserve it properly, and no permanent creases occur.

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