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5 Things You Should Know About Micro Keratin Extensions

Micro keratin extensions is one of the current extensions trends. It will be highly appreciated by those clients who want to make their hairstyle look beautiful and natural.

Here are 5 of the most interesting facts about this beauty procedure that will help you to understand whether to do this hairstyle.

Let’s go!

1.Perfect solution for thin hair

Not only for thin hair! This hairstyle is a perfect solution for clients who have damaged hair, but are still willing to wear a long hairstyle. 

Micro bonds do not stress natural hair as the bonds of traditional size: they are smaller, so one bond fixes a smaller amount of hair. The weight is evenly distributed all over the head thus you don’t have to worry that your natural hair will be damaged. 

To make this hairstyle even safer for hair, we recommend using the advice of I Love Slavic Hair, the leading online store that sells quality Slavic hair and all the necessary hair extensions tools, supplies and accessories. 

The brand offers to use micro keratin extensions together with strands, which have the structure as close to your natural hair as possible. 

If you have thin curls, the best option is virgin or dyed Slavic hair – premium quality products designed for clients with thin and soft strands.

2.The most comfortable to wear

These keratin bonds are similar in size to a match head: they are so small. In turn, traditional bonds are closer in size to the grain of rice. In this regard, the micro bonds are more comfortable: due to the small size, you will not feel them in wearing.

3.Natural look of the hairstyle

Micro keratin extensions are almost invisible on the head, so you can make almost any hairstyle, including high tails.

You should not worry: no one will guess that you have done extensions – so naturally this hairstyle looks!

4.The beauty procedure takes longer

Standard size bonds contain 1 gram of hair per strand. So 100 grams of hair contain 100 pre-bonded strands. (Tramadol)

Micro bonds contain about 0.6-0.8 grams of hair per strand. Therefore, a stylist needs to make about 140-160 bonds.

As a result, the beauty procedure takes at least 4 hours.

5.Not all stylists deal with this technique

There are several reasons for this.

First, micro bonds are not very common in North America and therefore not all stylists know how to work properly with this kind of hair extensions. 

Second, stylists (or clients) do not want to spend more time on a procedure and therefore work mainly with standard size bonds.

We have told you all the features of micro keratin bond extensions. Despite some disadvantages with the duration of the extensions procedure, there are many advantages for the customers. We are sure that your clients, having tried micro bonds once, will not trade this hairstyle for any other!

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