The Best Wedding Hairstyles

The Best Wedding Hairstyles That You’ll Instantly Fall in Love With

Let’s face it! When it comes to taking the vows or even being a part of a matrimonial ceremony, the stress of looking the best can encapsulate anyone’s mind. After all, the possibilities for wedding hairstyles are endless and continue to multiply as the fashion industry takes different turns. There’s a lot for anyone to consider between twists, braids, buns, and ponytails. 

This is why we have rounded up some amazing wedding hairstyles that will make your day. Here’s what you need to know about them:


As far as the wedding season is concerned, this hairstyle is the ultimate signature look and remains classic for millions of reasons. Sweep your hair backward and pin it into a simple chignon. Don’t forget to add some braids, if you wish to. Or, you can even let your natural hair do the talking. You’ll never go wrong with this option for a wedding. 

  • Romantic Flowers Updo


Choose an undone bun with some face-framing pieces for a relaxed look. Add some fresh flowers to give the ultimate vibe of romance to your hair. We recommend you to get white blooms, as they look radiant and glowing. Adjust the fresh flowers just a few minutes before going to the event to get the ultimate crisp look. 

  • Long Smooth Curl

If you’ve got elaborate tresses, show them off by rocking this amazing hairstyle. Ask your stylist to use some frizz-fighting product, so you can get the ultimate waves before taking pictures. But, if you don’t have long hair but still want to rock this look, use double weft hair extensions, as they’ll add more volume to your natural hair. 

  • Deep Side Part

A deep side is a glamorous look that will suit any hair type. Depending on how everyone else is prepared for the wedding, a deep side part will make you outperform your contemporaries and look unique. No wonder, a deep side part can give a romantic and soft feel without much effort. Regardless of the texture or length, you’ll love sporting this hairstyle. 

  • Braided Barrette

Braided barrettes have got everyone excited these days. If you’re not a perfectionist and like a combination of both, done and undone, try this untidy look. Use braids to enhance your hair texture. These messy waves are the perfect go-to option for a beach themed wedding. But, you don’t have to restrain yourself, since they’re compatible with every event. 

  • Sleep Topknot

Here, we recommend you manipulate your look by twisting the braids from the back of your hair to make a bun. It’s a minimal look with an over-the-top bun on your head. Get your hair polished before this hairstyle, otherwise, you’ll get a dull look that is usually less impressive. 

  • Sleek Ballerina Bun


Your mind might restrain you from considering this hairstyle for ballrooms only, but in reality, it’s for every venue you can think of. It is chanted as the most versatile hairstyle to date. Allow your inner ballerina to reflect through the sleek ballerina bun by opting for a bold topknot. 


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