How to Do a Top Knot Bun in Simple and Easy Steps

Top knot buns are one of the stylish hairstyles adopted by many women today. In this case, women wind their hair in the shape of a bun on the top area of their heads. However, creating such a unique hairstyle is a challenging task. Now, the question is how to do a top knot bun. For this, you should refer to the methods mentioned in our blog post.

Preliminary Step

You have to start by pulling the hair into high ponytails and wrapping your hairs across your hair around the ponytail to tie hair and secure it. Besides, you may use a hair donut to let your bun become more voluminous and fuller.

  1. Steps to Create a Top Knot Bun Neatly

 Whether a woman has straight, curly, or any other type of hair, she should know the appropriate method related to how to do a top knot bun, especially a neat top knot bun.

  • Pull the Hair into High Ponytail

 Comb your hair from the forehead to the back and pull the same to form a high ponytail across the head top. Later, you should secure your hair tightly with your hairband. However, you should know a few note points, which include the following-

  • Make sure to try this method after one or two days of washing your hair.
  • Start with blow drying the hair straight to create a smooth and neat ponytail even when you have textured or curly hair.
  • In contrast, women with frizzy hair should apply serum or gel in small amounts across the hairline before combing the hair to form a sleek ponytail.
  • Divide the Ponytail into Two Equal Size Sections

Divide your high ponytail hair into two equal size sections and add mousse or any other styling cream in small amounts to give a smooth texture to each section of your hair.

  • Wrap Each Section across One Another

 If you have long hair, you may choose one section of your ponytail hair in each of your hands and twist them completely to let them form a single piece. Twisting your hair will make the top knot smooth and avoids any type of flyaways.

  • Wrap Your Hair Clockwise across the Hair Tie

 Pick your twisted hair to wrap it clockwise across the hair tie.

  • Pin Your Top Knot Bun in its Place

 Now, you use a few bobby pins of black color to pin and place your hair top knot in its place. Make sure to follow this step at both the bottom and top of your bun. Furthermore, you should apply hairspray to give extra hold to your hairstyle.

  1. Steps to Create a Half-Up and Half-Down Hair Top Knot

 Half-up and half-down hair top knots work well for women with both long hair and short hair. You only have to know the right steps related to how to do a top knot bun in half-up and half-down shapes.

  •  Create a Horizontal Section of Your Hair 

If you want a half-up and half-down top knot, you should create a horizontal part to divide the top portion of the hair from its bottom. For this, you should start right from the ear level on a particular side and part it to the other side. You should know that a half-down hairstyle gives a laid-back look. Hence, you do not need to part your hair precisely on each of your sides until each side is approximately symmetrical.

  • Hold the Hair in Your Ponytail

Select the top section of your hair and collect it to create a high ponytail on your head’s top. You have to use only one hand to hold your hair in ponytails.

  • Wrap Hairs Around to Create Buns

Now, you should use the fingers of anyone hand in your ponytail and the fingers of another hand to wind other hairs clockwise across the ponytail base that you hold with your fingers. However, you should create a small loop in case you have small hair and hold it in the right place with your fingers.

  • Use a Hair Elastic to Secure the Hair Bun

Once you wrap your hair around until your hands reach the tips or create a small loop with short hair, use a hair elastic or hair tie for securing the hair bun. On the other hand, if you want a full-look hair top knot, pull your bun gently to let it look big.

  1. Steps to Create a Voluminous Top Knot Bun


Once you know the methods to create a top knot and half-down or half-up knot bun, you may want to know how to do a top knot bun to increase its volume. For this, you have to follow the mentioned steps- 

  • Comb into Ponytail and Use a Hair Tie 

If you have wavy or curly hair, you should start creating buns right on the second or third day of your hair wash. Moreover, you should apply dry shampoo to give some texture to your hair. Later, you should comb your hair into a ponytail across the top area of your head and use a hair tie to secure it.

  • Backcomb Through Your Hair

Select a quarter of the entire hair right from the ponytail to hold it straight on your head. Furthermore, you should apply a comb to backcomb through your hair right from its midpoint and comb down to the ponytail base. Repeat the process until you backcomb each hair section lightly. Hair backcombing allows your hair to appear voluminous and well-textured to keep your top knot looking full.

  • Wrap across the Ponytail Base 

Take some ponytail hair and wrap it clockwise across the ponytail base. Once you approach your hair tips, tuck them below your hair tie.

  • Pin Your Bun Appropriately by Using Bobby Pins 

Once you twist the hair into its top knot, use bobby pins to twist the hair into its top knot. If you want a voluminous bun, pull it by using your fingers and apply a light hairspray to give an improved hold.


Overall, a top knot bun may be anything, like a messy chic, sophisticated, and sleek chic look. Therefore, if you want a versatile look, focus on your hairstyle and try a top knot bun with a few easy steps.

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