box gifts subscriptions for wedding couples

5 fun subscription box gifts for every type of couple

Wedding gifts are always fraught with concern and consternation.  After all, when the registry runs low, or out of items that the couple really wants, what is a wedding guest to do?

Over the years, wedding gifts have taken on a different tone entirely.  Gone are the days when you could simply add an extra place setting of china, more and more brides these days are interested in experiences in lieu of things.

To that end, here’s 5 subscription boxes that offer a unique and fun wedding gift:

Gather Meals: Yet to launch, Gather has the cult of personality behind it as the brainchild of Ayesha Curry, I’ll give the nod to a local company here in large part because unlike the other better known brands in the meal delivery space (Hello Fresh and Blue Apron to name a couple) Gather reportedly will also have an option for baby meals.  As a parent to two young children, we never subscribed to a meal delivery service in large part because the infants in the house, would have still required us to do some cooking each night. Plus, everybody outside of Cleveland loves the Curry household right?

Wine Clubs: Full disclosure, I own one of these and these days there are hundreds of choices. From some of the old standard bearers, to newspaper owned entities, to wineries masquerading as wine clubs, there are plenty of choices.  It’s also difficult to pick since palate’s and experiences can be so different from one person to another.  Reviews wrote the most extensive review of the wine club space that I’ve seen, it’s required reading for anyone interested in a wine club membership.

Bean Box: Based in what has to be America’s most important coffee market of Seattle, Bean Box differs from other coffee of the month clubs in one important way: all the coffee is shipped within 48 hours of being roasted.  The general public hasn’t quite caught up to the idea that literally the most important part of your morning cup of coffee is the time between roasting and brewing.  Quite simply Bean Box gets it right.

Orange Glad: This is one I wish we could have at home, but a nut allergy kills the idea. Orange Glad delivers 5 sweet treats to your front door each month. They source from small shop artisans across the country.  Like so many local confectioners here in San Francisco, the difference in quality between these treats and the mass produced ones we all grew up with is palpable.

Blooms of the Month: If husband’s (myself included) were better about buying flowers, there probably wouldn’t be a market….. But ask almost every woman you know and I’m sure they can see the appeal. I don’t mind the lack of customization on a flower delivery service like this, given the lower cost they’re charging (about $30) and the fact that the flowers being delivered are seasonal.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look into 5 subscription boxes that are really fun and unique wedding gifts. If you happen to be looking for gift ideas for your wife, be sure to visit That Sweet Gift as you know that a happy wife equates to a happy life!

Mark Aselstine is the owner of the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club, the only online wine club that focuses exclusively on wines made on the west coast in states of California, Oregon and Washington.