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When to Consider a Custom Design for Your Wedding Ring

You might just be someone who turns left when the others go right. Trends might seem trivial to you? Is your beat different? If different is how you like it, then you’ll even appreciate jewelry that is not like by everyone. You definitely sound like a custom jewelry design candidate.

The same is true if you’ve searched the jewelry websites and stores and have still not found the perfect match for your big day or for your very special someone. A diamond or a design that can represent the uniqueness of your relationship, even you might be that someone special and not able to find the right piece for yourself – there’s certainly a better way to go about this through custom jewelry design.

But it’s important for you to understand the difference between custom jewelry and customized jewelry. When you get your jewelry engraved, get a name or something written on it, you are getting it personalized, and creating a beautiful and meaningful piece of customized jewelry piece.

At Aida Designs US, custom jewelry including wedding rings for women are designed from scratch, and the design used is of course not repeated since the design is specific to your choice and desires. The custom rings you choose however, can match to the rings you might have seen online and chose to copy the design.

With Aida Design US, it’s possible to even use a gemstone or a diamond you already had but need to rework it into a different setting or style. Aida’s designs of diamond wedding rings are exquisite but also allow you to enjoy your freedom of choice by getting a master custom piece of your choice. And regardless of the reason behind the creation and vision, custom jewelry is an ultimate expression of a loved one’s feeling for the one he or she loves and want things in a meaningful way!

Here’s how it happens:

Make It a Surprise – Custom jewelry is the best surprise, if it’s kept as a surprise. Try designing it yourself first, after all it’s your love and your feelings that you can describe best. May be you could sketch the idea and then talk to the expert to get it right and create the master piece nothing but a brilliant ring.

Translate it into a Vision Instead – Whether the custom diamond ring is for yourself or for the one you love, the first main point is to develop a vision. Think of the type, shape, and even if you have to, start over. (Gabapentin) Sketch it properly and let the expert help you see it through some digital way.

Consider the Details – If you are getting it custom made for you loved one, you should know the metal she loves wearing (platinum, gold, titanium, palladium etc), the gemstone she likes or diamond, the quality of the stone she prefers, and the style she craves (traditional, filigreed, or clean-lined contemporary).

Meet the Jeweler – You should also book an appointment with the jeweler. Before you show the sketch do consider seeing the previous custom made rings (at least the pictures). Look critically at the details of the ring; how perfectly round a round is, the setting, finish, and clarity.

Review the Sketch, Make Revision and Give Final Approval – Review the sketch yourself and describe the look of the ring you desire to have. Go over dimensions and material; let the expert help you refine the sketch by using a computer design or aid by hand. Expect to visit the jeweler a number of times to check the final piece. Be certain of the final model before giving your verdict for the make. Because any changes you choose to make after this point will add on extra expense and will also require extra time. Once the wax model gets destroyed in the casting process, you won’t get it back. (

Just Stay Firm – It’s easy to get swept away by your emotions of being in love and presenting the one you love with a gift of her dream, but don’t forget to see things clearly and carefully. Get everything documented from the jeweler, the warranty and everything precisely.

NOTE: Remember that you will need to pay more and wait longer for your custom wedding ring. The model and the materials used for your ring will involve separate order and will involve time and labor. Let yourself do this at least six weeks to two months prior to the time. Despite any or what so ever challenge, the custom design is generally a heirloom piece that is capable of being passed down through generations.

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