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6 Ways of Planning a Wedding that’s Just You in Simple

Settling on a concept planned by someone else for your big day can seem crucial for sticking to it – and it does make your life for those months seem hard. After all, this is that one day that might seem to be the biggest happening day of your entire life, and naturally we all dream of doing things in our own way and moments to celebrate matching our feelings. So before trying out that gown, taking a bite of that cake, consider your style and choice!

The massive event planner, Let’s Celebrate Events, believes that things are arranged and catered well when clients come prepared with what they want to see and how they want to incorporate the color combinations and floral art. An idea of client’s imagination sets a platform for the event wedding planners and that makes things easier.

If you’re wedding is still due in the co look at the big picture and determine the style and vibe you want to set on your wedding day.

Step #1 Think Bigger

The start of the process is usually the dreamy phase where you have all the reasons to think of a dream wedding. You can worry about what your mother will think and if something is going to work or not, later. Here’s what you need to consider for now:

  • Wedding with close friends and relatives or big with everyone you know
  • Should it be indoors or outdoors?
  • Will your wedding be vintage, romantic, rustic, classic, or modern?
  • Should it be casual, fancy or somewhere in between?
  • Do you want it to be summer, spring, fall or winter?

Step #2 Make a Collection of Your Inspiration

To understand your own wants and not’s is to simply spend time checking our blogs, photos, and magazines and saving the ideas collected from all these. But don’t limit your ideas to browsing and online sources, you can use your mind and catch ideas from a perfume packing or even a fabric, or a packet of chip can even give you an idea as well. But wherever and whenever you get the idea, get it on a board – this will help you visualize how various elements will work together and what needs to be changed in them.

Step #3 Figure out How Formal You Want Your Event to Be?

You need to decide in advance, how fancy and casual do you want to go with your wedding function. Do you want to see your guest all dressed and sitting down at a dinner or should it be more casual with informal to see your guest all dressed and sitting down at a dinner or should it be more casual with informal stations and seating?

Your wedding is a good way to dictate your vision – a ballroom arrangement shows elegance, while a beach set up calls for a laid-back vibe. You should also consider your personal styles, the atmosphere and arrangement that will speak about the two of you as a couple. Whichever way you choose to show your wedding through will carry the chosen formality through every other aspect of your wedding as well.

Step #4 Choose Your Colors

Colors act as a unifying factor for all the wedding aspects: from the bridesmaid dresses to invitations. Closely decide for the shades you wish to use for your wedding elements, the main point here is to use one main color and an accent color as the secondary complementing shade. Use two directly opposite colors for a brighter contrast, but don’t limit yourself to these two colors only, add a metallic or neutral accent to make the palette robust. An analogous scheme also make a good choice, you can put three colors as violet, periwinkle, and light blue.

Step #5 Motif Perfection

A motif in wedding decoration plays a significant role in giving the final look. A motif can be a part of anything, it can be on the invitation cake, it can take a specific shape or pattern as a family crest, monogram, or a leaf icon, simply anything that will convey your style. Anything you choose, it should reinforce the mood. Try adding the motif to at least three or four places and nothing more than that.

Step #6 Keep the Vibe

Remember that the theme you choose or plan will affect the wedding so keep it running same throughout your wedding set. Whether you keep a beach wedding with guest enjoying beer right from the bottle and easy casual looks or a glided ballroom evening, anything is right, as long as you like it that way. Your wedding is your complete right to use it for shining out your personality.

Let’s Celebrate Tip: Don’t exhaust yourself with too many ideas. Keep your spouse in the planning part and take help of the wedding planner where needed.

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