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6 Fun Things to Do on a Long Honeymoon Flight

Many newlywed couples decide to take the trip of a lifetime after they have exchanged nuptials. It is the biggest event of your life so you may as well celebrate in style. After the wedding, all you have standing between you and your trip of a lifetime is a long plane flight. However, you can make the time pass more quickly if you have something fun to do on the plane. Here are six ideas to keep you occupied on a long honeymoon flight. 


The run-up to your wedding can be incredibly stressful. You are so busy planning and worrying that it can affect your sleep. For many betrothed couples, insomnia is a way of life. However, when your big day is over, and you are on your way to your honeymoon destination, you will finally have time to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Chill Out

When was the last time you had the opportunity to read a book or talk to your partner about anything non-wedding related? It can be hard to find time to relax and do something unrelated to your big day in the weeks leading up to it. Make the most of it by chilling out on the plane and enjoying some time together. 

Enjoy a Celebratory Glass of Champagne

Toast your unity with your bride or groom by enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne once your plane has taken off. Try not to overdo it though as the altitude can make you feel drunk more quickly than you would on solid ground. You don’t want to reach your destination still feeling the effects, or after-effects of your mid-air celebration. 

Play Online Games

Many people like to play online games during long flights as it helps them to relax. You can access anything from solitaire and sudoku to a real money casino online. Play with your new spouse or on your own. It will help to pass the time and give you something fun to do.

Learn a New Language

If you are going to a foreign-speaking country for your honeymoon, then the flight is a good time to learn some language skills so that you can talk to the residents. Even picking up a few words like please and thank you and being able to find your hotel and order in a restaurant will be extremely useful. You can be polite to the locals and impress your new spouse at the same time. 

Stretch Your Legs

Don’t forget to stretch your legs during the flight. If you are on a plane for more than four hours, then you increase your risk of developing deep vein thrombosis which is incredibly dangerous. To avoid this, you should get up and walk around the plane regularly if it is safe to do so. You should also stay hydrated, avoid crossing your legs and wear comfortable clothing. 

A long honeymoon flight won’t be boring if you have things to occupy your mind. It may take a long time to get there, but remember, your plane is taking you on the trip of your dreams. 

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