What is Included in End of Tenancy Cleaning?

What is Included in End of Tenancy Cleaning?

If you are a landlord, you want to make sure that you take care of your property. You need to carry out repairs when they are necessary, maintain appliances and prepare properties for new tenants moving in. in particular, you may find it beneficial to invest in end of tenancy cleaning services.

Yes, the previous tenants are supposed to leave the property in good condition. After all, they want their deposit back. But, you will often find that this is not the case or wear and tear means the property could do with a deeper clean. So, this is where this expert service comes in. You can have the place sparkling clean before your new tenants arrive.

But, a lot of landlords are confused when it comes to what is included in end of tenancy cleaning. Will this service cover the whole property or will there still be jobs left to do? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

What Areas Will Be Targeted with End of Tenancy Cleaning?

If you have never used a professional cleaning service like this before, you may not be sure what to expect. In particular, you might be wondering what areas will be cleaned in your property. So, let’s find out.

The Kitchen

Somewhere that is going to be dirty in almost every property is the kitchen. This is a room in the home that everyone uses every day. It gets dirty from making meals and there are more than just the surfaces to sanitise. 

When a tenant leaves, they tend to forget about areas such as the oven, inside cupboards and on shelves, as well as areas around the bin. With end of tenancy cleaning, a team is going to come in and deep clean the kitchen. Click on the link to learn more about what you can expect. Essentially, this is a service that is going to make sure that no spots are missed in the kitchen. (sballergy.com) It will be spotless for the next tenants to move in.

All Carpet and Flooring

A lot of tenants will vacuum and mop before they leave a property. Indeed, these are tasks that are easy and quick to do. But the problem is that they are only going to remove surface dirt and dust. This is not going to be enough for the next tenants and they may not be impressed with the flooring.

So, this is where the experts come in. They can deep clean the carpet and flooring. Not only will this make them look good, but it will also mean that they last longer for the next tenants. Indeed, it can boost the longevity of your flooring, which means that you do not have to replace it so often.

The Bathroom

Another room that is very important to be spotless for new tenants is the bathroom. The last thing people want is to move into a property and find things like mould, soap scum or water marks in the bathroom. But, previous tenants will only use ordinary cleaning products they have and often, this can leave hidden bathroom areas dirty. But, you can be sure that the next tenants will find these areas and it can make a bad impression.

The best thing you can do is bring in a cleaning team to ensure the bathroom is sparkling. This will be one of the first places new tenants will look at. So you can enjoy peace of mind and know there will be no bad dirt or germs left behind.

Underneath Furniture

If you have a furnished property you are renting out, you can be sure that tenants will clean around the furniture. But, they often fail to clean underneath before they leave. So, this can mean that dust and debris are left behind, as well as old items that the tenants have forgotten about. The last thing you want is for new tenants to look under furniture and for it to be dirty. This does not make you feel like you are at home.

Thankfully, end of tenancy cleaning services can concentrate on underneath the furniture. This ensures that it is immaculate for new people moving in. So, when tenants look underneath to assess the property, they are going to be impressed. Indeed, when they like staying somewhere, they are more likely to stay longer. This means a secure income for you since they will be paying rent for a long time.

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