Weddings are joyous occasions that commemorate a couple’s shared commitment and affection for one another. Undoubtedly, the wedding day stands out as one of the best days in a person’s life. But, let’s face it, sometimes weddings can get repetitive and dull. So how should one throw a party that leaves a lasting impression and turns out as truly “hip”? 

If your goal is to ensure that your guests have a good time and are amused during the event, read on:  

1.Well-Choreographed Dance

The first dance at your wedding should be memorable. So why not take some dance classes beforehand and learn something other than the boring waltz? A tango or a high-energy swing routine would be perfect. Then, involve an elderly relative in the plan for a truly shocking reveal. Just try to picture your guests’ faces when you and your dad decide to do a little hip-hop.

2.An Adorned Entryway

A decked-out entryway plays a key role in wowing guests. After all, it is the very first thing that guests notice and draw an overall impression about your entire wedding. Unfortunately, wedding décor trends emerge and disappear from the scene rather fast. But the good news is that plenty of blogs can help you stay up to date on the latest wedding trends and offer themed planning guides. One great example would be the Bula Bride, a blog that helps couples plan destination weddings in Fiji.  

In addition, you can hire a qualified wedding planner to manage the décor for you. From adding unique cascading components to your entry decor to incorporating quirky themes, an experienced planner will do everything they can to make your wedding day unforgettable. However, if you want to know what is popular now, many designers would tell you that the cherry blossom theme is the way to go. Your guests will never tire of staring at this entryway’s floral arches, and neither will you. 

In search of a classy bridal entrance? Put flowers of different colors, and a net draped over one side of the pillars. Lighting and a small flower arrangement will also help spruce the space.  

3.Fireworks And Sparklers 

You cannot go wrong with fireworks and sparklers as party favors. They were probably two of your favorites as a kid, and they will be a big hit with your guests on the wedding day. In addition to awe-inspiring your guests, these elements will also allow your photographer to capture breathtaking photographs for your wedding album. 

Fireworks and sparklers are wonderful additions to wedding celebrations on holidays, such as the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve. You can incorporate fireworks, sparklers, or both in several different ways. Their inclusion in the reception’s final scene is a popular option; imagine how grand the setting will look when you leave under the proper illumination!

There is also the option of staging the fireworks show in the middle of your reception. For example, it could happen during or after the first dance or even before the cake is sliced. That way, you will ensure that everyone, including those who intend to leave early, will have the opportunity to watch the display.

It bears worth mentioning that fireworks may be prohibited in some places. Therefore, you need to inquire further with the professionals working at the venue about any restrictions that may be in place. If you are having trouble finding a reliable fireworks company, your wedding venue can probably provide some recommendations based on past experiences.

4.Imaginative Wedding Reception Menu

It is your big day, so feel free to serve the cuisines you love to all your guests. Is the wedding venue recognized for a special dish not available elsewhere? Serving your guests a well-known local specialty would be an excellent approach to making your guests feel at home in a new location. Do you and your significant other share a favorite dish? It would be appropriate to serve chicken Parmesan if your first date was in an Italian restaurant. 

Dishes from your cultural origins could be a nice touch. However, to make it all come together, you will need to hire a caterer with a talented kitchen staff that includes cooks with a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets. That could mean more prep work, and you should try out the food before the big day. Also, do not forget to inquire about the caterer’s most popular dishes and signature offerings. 

In addition, you should decide how you want to serve. You can serve food in one of the following five ways: buffet, plated meals, serving stations, family style, or substantial appetizers served by the wait staff. Be mindful of the venue’s limitations and the level of formality you are aiming for before making a final decision.   

5.Wedding Bar 

It is safe to assume that the wedding bar is everyone’s favorite place, providing everything from jovial spirits and danceable moods to quenching parched throats. In addition, it may do wonders for your decor by injecting a dose of vivacity and buoyancy. 

To begin with, create a dedicated space for the wedding bar. It will assist attendees in finding their way around and keep the party flowing smoothly. Be aware of foot traffic when choosing your bar spot. Pick a spot close to the party but still offers some breathing room for guests who want to mingle as they wait for the reception to begin. 

The next step is to make a detailed plan. Pay close attention to the presentation of each beverage. The key to efficiently organizing your bar is to sort drinks by category. Make it easy on your guests by separating the drinks menu into wine, beer, and cocktail sections. When so much more is going on, losing track of the finer points is easy. The little things, like napkins, glasses, and garnishes, can add up quickly, so be sure you account for them when making your plans and setting your budget. 


If ever there was a metaphor for a perfect union, it would be a wedding. However, among other things, the attendees are more likely to be captivated by the ceremony’s smaller touches. ( But that does not mean you should go overboard. Simply sticking to the tips covered in this article will ensure your guests have a ball at your wedding. 

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