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Where to Buy Best Eyelash Extensions Supplies in Canada?

Looking for the best eyelash extension supplies in Canada? The quantity of supplies available on the market is shocking. How to understand which products are best for your clients’ needs? When choosing items for your eyelash extension service, be sure to consider the following aspects.

1.Company and brand of eyelash extension supplies

It is essential to buy professional supplies from a trustworthy and reliable company. 

2.Product range and availability

While looking for a company where you would like to purchase eyelash extension supplies, consider the range of the products available. Does the company only sell kits and bulk purchases? Is there a possibility to select individual items to replenish the kits you bought? 


They are the main product for eyelash extensions. It’s better to choose lashes made from hypoallergenic materials, such as faux mink and synthetic silk. And it is also important to carry a wide variety of length and curl choices for your clients. 


Lash application is impossible to do without tweezers: with pointed tips or curved, high-tension or low, large or small. You may want to buy a few different pairs. 

5.Treatments, creams and adhesives

All the liquid products you use come in contact with your clients’ eyes. So they must be hypoallergenic, gentle and effective at the same time. Always examine the list of ingredients to know what kind of chemicals are included.

Select only those products that you are proud to use and recommend to other lash stylists as well as your clients. 


A lot of the eyelash extension supplies used during a procedure are one-time-use products: eye pads, eye tape, lash rings, brushes, sponges, cleanser pads, etc. It means you require a steady supply available at all times. Remember that lower price could mean lower quality. (https://ihacvet.com) Such products will not provide the same comfort for you and your clients. Search for the best price-quality ratio you may afford. 

Eyelash Extension Supplies for Professionals in Canada

High-quality products are of high importance for every lash stylist. If you want to give your clients a spa-like experience, then you require professional supplies. You should choose each product, accessory and tool with care to make sure it meets your and your clients’ requirements. 

As you improve your skills, your products and needs may change – that is normal. 

LashStorePro carries a wide choice of professional eyelash extension supplies for both beginners and professionals. All products offered in the online store are from reliable brands, and regularly receive good reviews from TOP lash makers in our country. 

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