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5 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas Perfect For Every Occasion

Finding the design to cover your present could be a pain and you might end up scouring multiple bookstores. Instead of doing that, why not make the wrapping of your perfect gift with DIY ideas? Here are some examples.

Twine and Hearts

Turn anything wrapped in plain colors into a cleverly designed gift with some colorful twine and cut-out paper hearts.

To do this, cut out some tiny paper hearts and make a hole in the middle of every piece with a puncher. Then insert the twine through the holes of the hearts. You can tape them in place or let them freely move. Lastly, wrap the twine around the gift in any way you like. The result will be a stylish alternative to boring ribbon and yarn.

DIY Gift Wrapping interactive wrappers

Interactive Wrappers

Just because the wrapper is meant to protect the gift, it doesn’t mean that kids can’t have fun with the wrappers as well. You can turn them into interactive games before they rip them off!

Some examples of this are:

  • A gift wrapped in white wrapping paper with some crayons taped on the outside. You can put a card that simply says “color me” to invite the celebrant to make a few drawings on the wrapper before opening the gift.
  • A gift with a wrapper that has a plain Christmas tree and some washi tape on the side. Receivers of this kind of gift can decorate their own Christmas tree on the wrapper with the tape.
  • Adding a paper race course to plain gift wrapping is the perfect idea to let the celebrant race tiny cars on it.

Alphabet Soup Gift Tag

Here’s an idea that you can use to decorate your gift tags in a quirky way and all you need is some glue and some pasta. In the pasta aisle of the grocery you can find some dried alphabet soup noodles. These provide the perfect way for you to add some stylish “embossed” fonts to your tags. Simply spell out what you want to say with the noodle letters and glue them onto a tag. It is recommended that you use a tag with a complementing color to the letters (such as a heavy shade of red or blue). Arrange them in any way you like.

DIY Gift Wrapping embellished ribbon

Embellished Ribbons

A ribbon is so basic when it comes to wrapping gifts. Instead of going to the bookstore and looking at the wrapper section for ribbons, why not look at some crafts? You can find strings of pom-poms, sequins, stripes, lace and the like that will give you many creative options. Don’t limit yourself to just one choice; you can make a colorful combination! The best part is, it’s just as easy to put on as standard ribbons.

Felt Pennant Flags

If you’re planning to give your gift in a bag, then this is the one for you. This idea involves preppy flags that will stick out of the bag to serve as the tag. It’s perfect to give to those who just graduated high school or college as it gives a collegiate feel to the present. All you need is some felt and a long barbeque stick.

First, simply cut out a relatively large piece of felt in any flag shape you want; this will serve as the flag’s background. Then cut out the letters of the word that you want to on the flag. If you could make this letters hug the walls of the flag background, then that will give it a more legit college feel. Make sure that these letters are in a color that complement the background. Firmly glue the word onto the flag, then glue the flag onto the barbeque stick and you’re done.

The best part of this idea is that it can be so stylish that the recipient would want to keep it in his/her room even after opening the gift.

Key Takeaway

Sometimes it’s not finding the right wrapping that will make your gift feel special. Adding your own personal touch is what will make the recipient feel the love and effort you’ve given into giving the present.

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