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Vaping- The New Standard For Harmless Smoking

With the growing awareness about the dangers associated with smoking tobacco, consumers are turning towards harmless alternatives. One such alternative that has set record standards is vaping.

Vaping is similar to smoking a cigarette. The only difference being instead of using tobacco leaves, vapes use extracts from tobacco. Heating these extracts creates pure flavours. And surprisingly, the tar content is negligible.

If you are new to vaping, here’s all that you need to know before you vape for the first time.

Finding The Right Vaping Equipment

It can be tough choosing the right vaping equipment. Especially, when there are so many types of flavours and designs available in the market. The right way to know which piece of equipment is the best match for you, it’s important you understand their design elements.

Here’s a brief guide to help you buy the right vaping equipment.

  • Choose Your Flavour

The flavour you choose can affect your overall experience with vaping. If you are a newbie and trying vaping for the first time, choosing a mild flavour which can replace tobacco can be a good idea.

In case, you’ve already tried vaping somewhere else, but you’re buying your first vaping equipment, you have the liberty to play with the flavours. For example, flavours available at Redvape.com consists of a varying level of PG-VG ratio that affects the flavour and density of clouds. If you are looking for a flavourful experience, then going for the one with a higher ratio is recommended.

  • Wick Or Wickless Design?

The vaping equipment consists of primarily three components- a power source (battery), a heating element, and a mouthpiece. Out of these, battery and mouthpiece are more or less the same in every design. The main difference lies in the type of heating element used.

While some vapes make use of wick to heat the e-liquid, others use coils for heating. Both of these elements heat the concentrates differently, thus delivering a difference in flavour and cloud density. Typically, wickless designs produce denser clouds, but the ones with wick produce a better flavour.

  • Refillable Cartridges Are Better

An important aspect to consider is the replaceability of the cartridge. If you are looking for a use-and-throw type of vape, then you might want to go for a cheaper piece. Whereas, if you wish to be using your vape regularly, then going for a refillable design is best.

Furthermore, refillable cartridges allow you to play with different flavours. You can fill the cartridge with the quantity that you wish to vape for your session. So, you can change the flavour for your next session, if you wish to.

Choosing the right vape is one thing and using it for the best experience is another. Unless you don’t know how to operate any equipment, you can end up either damaging the device or degrading your own experience.

Nevertheless, here’s a quick guide for you to keep enjoying your vaping sessions hasslefree.

How To Use Your Vape

Getting used to any piece of equipment requires some time. And the same is true with your vaping device as well. Preparing and keeping your equipment ready for a session whenever you need to hit a drag is not that tough, though.

Here’s how you can keep using your vaping device without having to replace it for every session.

  • Preparing The Wick And The Cartridge

For wickless vapes, refilling and operating the device is pretty simple. But, when you have a vape with wick, you need to make some preparations for the best results.

When you are filling the cartridge with your favourite e-juice, soaking the wick in the concentrate for a while can help seep the flavours in the wick. Furthermore, this also allows for better heating of the concentrates and this better flavours.

  • Take Care Of The Consistency Of Your Vaping Fluid

An important factor affecting the overall experience you have during your vaping session is the concentration of the e-liquid. If the liquid is too thick it may be difficult to heat. On the other hand, too thin a liquid is prone to burning, which could actually degrade the flavours.

What you wish to be doing is choosing a liquid as per the power rating of your equipment. If your device has a moderate power range, then choosing a liquid which is neither too viscous nor too fluidic would be best.

  • Check For Any Wear And Tear

At the time of refilling, you would need to open up the device and disassemble all the parts. As is true with any piece of equipment, natural wear and tear during the course of usage cannot be avoided. You need to check for any wear and tear in your vaping device to ensure its lasting usability.

Check the threads for any disruption, container for any leakage, and the wick or coil for any residual depositions. Keeping a check on these wear and tear symptoms can ensure that you enjoy your vaping session without any problem.

Keep It Maintained

A carefully maintained vaping equipment can last for years without needing to be replaced. To keep your favourite vape working for as long as you don’t find a better option, follow these instructions:

  • Clean Before And After Every Session

The very first step towards lasting usability of your vape machine is regular cleaning of the device. If you use small amounts of liquid and prefer to refill before every session, then you should ensure that you clean the device properly before and after every session.

  • Ensure That The Parts Are Securely Placed

Keeping all parts securely intact can ensure that there’s no leakage. Moreover, a secure connection between the battery and the heating element ensures a longer life for your battery, connectors, and the element.

  • Follow The Operation Guide

Most importantly, you should follow the instructions mentioned in the user’s guide supplied with your device. Following these instructions would not only ensure the longevity of your device but also avoid any issues with the manufacturer in case you need to claim a warranty for any technical breakdown.

Happy and responsible vaping sessions to you!


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