Is an 80 Lower Legal? Everything You Need To Know About 80 Lowers Before Buying

The latest news and updates about the firearm industry reveal that gun laws continuously change from state to state. Congress and senators ban the purchase of certain types of firearms each year due to specific reasons, e.g., security, political stability, etc. Since the policies change yearly, you can keep up with the changes by understanding key aspects about 80 lowers before buying one. 

If you are looking for AR gun components for your DIY gun-making project, you can complete your AR with a lower receiver primarily. 80% lower is merely a hunk of metal unless you finish it using other required components. Following are a few important aspects many people ask about, and you need to know about 80 lowers before buying:

FFL Requirement

No FFL is required to purchase an 80% lower. Lower or receiver blank is not yet considered a proper firearm; therefore, it does not follow the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives rules. Therefore, if you want to build an AR15 or buy 80%, FFL is not required.

Is Serial Number on 80% Lower Required?

In most states, you are not necessarily required to have a unique serial number. According to federal law, no matter if you have constructed an AR15, you are not bound to have a serial number. However, in some states like California, you are required to have a serial number for your firearm receiver. Therefore, it is better to read your state laws before finishing the assemblage of your firearm.

Is Selling an 80% AR-15 Allowed?

There is a specific official condition to that. You must become a licensed FFL if you want to sell an 80% lower. Otherwise, you cannot sell an 80% lower than you self-assembled. It is okay to sell an AR15 after owning it for some time; however, if you construct many receiver blanks and sell it to people, ATF will catch you without warning.

Other Types of Receiver Blanks

80% lowers of different firearms, including the ‘American Rifle’ AR15, are available in the market. You can construct your own Glock or 1911 through their respective blanks. Since the firearms market is growing rapidly, especially in the US, more than 80% of firearms are available in different guns across the market. Just study state laws to resolve your concerns regarding the legalities of building a firearm.

Key Takeaways

80% lowers are legal in different states, and these states have different policies regarding firearms. Few states require serial numbers, whereas many states do not ask for them. Similarly, having an FFL is not a compulsion in many states. It is not permissible to sell further an already built 80% lower. You can buy 80% lowers different firearms in addition to AR15. The market is growing, and the lowers are readily available for different guns nowadays. It is advisable to conduct your own research about different state policies regarding your possessed firearm. This way, you can have a safer and more enjoyable experience with the firearm.


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