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Ideal Wedding Day Footwear- How To Find One

The wedding dress is often the top priority for a bride and surely it deserves to be. But if you aren’t careful enough with the choice of footwear, you may end up with an unappealing ensemble. Moreover, poorly-fitted shoes can ruin your experience by making you feel uncomfortable through the festivities. Obviously, your footwear for the big day needs all the attention you can give. Finding the right ones are easier than you think, provided that you have the right criteria in place. Here are some things to consider for finding the ideal wedding day footwear.

Match them with your gown

Without any second thoughts, the choice of footwear should complement your dress perfectly because you would want a perfect bridal look. A pair that doesn’t match your gown would spoil its grace and elegance. So consider the style, length, and color of your bridal outfit before deciding the shoe style to work with it. Never compromise with the choice of shoes, even if you are planning to wear a full-length gown and think that the footwear wouldn’t be visible.

Prioritize comfort 

While you must absolutely focus on wedding day footwear that has style and aesthetics, comfort should be your top priority. After all, you wouldn’t want to take your shoes off to enjoy the evening, just because they are too painful to wear. High heels surely make an attractive pick but ensure that you can comfortably carry them as you will need to stand and dance through the event. There are plenty of alternatives in platform heels that are easy to wear but still look graceful enough to elevate your bridal ensemble.

Research your bridal show options 

Even as wedding dress shopping would be the priority, take ample time for researching bridal shoe styles as well. Browsing online is a great idea as you can see the options and also get a fair idea about styling them with your dress. To start with, you can check online collections like this one here by JustFab because you will find far more inventory online as compared to in brand stores. Visualize ones that will match your bridal style and you will definitely find it easier to choose a perfect pick.

Consider the wedding theme or venue

Are you planning a dream fairy-tale themed wedding? Have you opted for a beach celebration because that has always been what you wanted? The wedding theme and venue also have a role to play in the choice of the right footwear. After all, you cannot expect to walk down the aisle in flat belles at a fairy tale wedding while high heels wouldn’t simply work on the beach. 

Don’t forget the budget

Another key factor to bear in mind while picking your bridal footwear is your budget. After all, you wouldn’t want to topple your wedding budget just to buy a pair of shoes that costs a fortune. Rather, look for one that looks good but is optimally priced and can be worn again on other occasions. You can even buy in a sale or find a good deal online to economize the purchase.

Finding the perfect wedding shoes is a worthwhile effort and the right pair can make you look good, feel comfortable, and gain confidence. After all, you deserve to be the most beautiful bride on your big day!

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