:Countries Biggest Betting Industries

Countries with The Biggest Betting Industries

Countries with The Biggest Betting Industries. One of the most prevalent and enduring forms of entertainment in the world is gambling for real money. Casinos offer an unmatched thrill that you won’t find anywhere else. Unless you’re an adrenaline junkie who loves risking your physical well-being, nothing gets your heart beating faster than a little risk to your money.

Not to mention the possibility of getting pokie wins that could greatly improve your financial situation. Risking a few dollars for the possibility of winning a lot more has been around for a long time. And it shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, the industry continues to grow and diversify. We now have mobile casinos in the palm of our hands. As a result of players wanted faster and more convenient access to online betting.

We won’t get into the “why” of this fascination. Rather let’s have a look at where gambling is the most prevalent around the world.

Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Macau will always be hotspots for both serious and casual gamblers. However, there are many more areas in the world where people love to play casino games. Interestingly, regardless of the rules, people will always find a way to partake in their favorite real money games.

Countries with the Best Payouts

Some countries or cities might seem like the ultimate hotspots for players. But like all things some areas are simply more profitable for players. For example, they may have laws or a level of competition among casinos that allow for greater wins.

Germany stands out as a country with huge casino winners and a comparatively low loss. Another interesting fact that might make you want to move to Germany is that they do not tax on winnings from betting. Unlike almost every other region in the world.

Despite having a very large casino industry, Germany also has very low rates for losses.

Progressive Jackpot Wins

Your chances of winning a million-dollar progressive jackpot are pretty slim. Some would compare it to winning the lotto, only a lot more fun. However, there have been tons of winnings in certain areas, and even stories of the same people winning more than once.

It could have something to do with the overall culture but many players tend to hail from certain nations. Games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune are forever in the news for giving out massive wins. Finland alone had three out of the largest wins ever. Another three happened in Sweden, two in Norway and two in the UK.

There is something in playing in regions where these games are among the most popular. But if you don’t plan to visit these countries any time soon. Just look for whatever the most popular games are in your area. Because these are the ones that will have quickly growing jackpots up for grabs.

Where is Betting the Most Popular?

You might think that gambling is only popular in casino rich areas like Vegas. However, some of the countries with the most players per capita are areas where there isn’t a high concentration of casinos. Like New Zealand, where 81% of the population admits they love to participate in the occasional betting game. The highest percentage in the world.

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