Garden Spring Cleaning

Garden Spring Cleaning Tips 

Spring is the time of year that is synonymous with cleaning. In the coming weeks, people around the world will be putting on their rubber gloves and pulling items out of every cupboard and drawer in their house. No room will be safe from the garbage bags and endless sorting, and in the days thereafter, every house will be looking the best it has and likely ever will (until next year).  Whilst the focus for many people will be on the inside of their home, most will forget about the outside. The first thing people see when they pass your home is your garden, and it’s what your neighbors can see from their windows when looking out, too. From a first impressions point of view, if your garden looks messy or unkept, it will give people the impression that your house is much the same. Garden Spring Cleaning-

The last thing anyone wants is for people to think their house is untidy, so it’s all the more important for you to focus some of your spring cleaning efforts on your outdoor space. If you’re unsure what garden spring cleaning looks like, here are some tips to help you get started. 

  1. Prune necessary plants 

You may find that over the course of winter, some of your perennials and shrubbery have grown a bit wild. It’s good practice to prune these types of plants, and spring is the perfect time of year to do it so that they can flourish in the season of growth. 

Before you get the shears out and start clipping your plants into order, make sure you check the best time of year to do so – not every plant does well when pruned in spring, so always double check before compromising your foliage.

  1. Clean up garden bed edging 

You may not immediately notice just how messy your garden bed edging is, but after you’ve cleaned it up, you’ll instantly see just how much of an impact is has on the overall aesthetic of your property. To clean up your edging, look to restore any borders you have in place, clearly define your lawn, and differentiate between the different surfaces and areas of your garden. 

This includes any paths and walkways. You can use a spade to make clear lines in turf, but if you’re struggling, there are lots more tips on edging your garden to help you. (  

  1. Replenish the lawn 

Winter can leave your lawn looking worse for wear, and when your grass looks bad, so will the rest of your garden. Keeping your grass looking its best isn’t easy and will involve multiple rounds of seeding and watering. If you have the means to do so, installing a fake lawn could be the way forwards. 

From a townhouse in New York to a family garden in Maidstone, artificial grass is a great way to revive your garden (and help you cut down on garden spring cleaning moving forwards)! When your lawn looks tidy, your garden instantly looks better. 

  1. De-weed the patio 

The final step to cleaning up your garden is to de-weed it. Whether you need to pull them out of your flowerbeds or remove them from your paved path, the moment you get rid of pesky weeds, your outdoor space will automatically look 10 times better than it did before. Weeding isn’t only a spring cleaning activity, but following winter, you may find you have a few more weeds to get rid of than at any other time. If you have a paved driveway, it’s also worth de-weeding this to spruce up the front of your house, too. 


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