Does he/she not like me anymore? Is HSDD real?

HSDD symptoms are often misinterpreted as excuses or lack of interest in romantic relationships. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder is a condition when a person is not interested in sex or has a low sex drive. It is one of the common disorders that is left undiagnosed. Some people confused it with asexuality, but asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction while HSDD is concerned with a lack of sexual desires. 

It is a lack of spontaneous sexual desires and fantasy that leads to a decreased response to stimulation that is a major cause to maintain interest or initiate sex. It is diagnosed in both sexes.

How HSDD is different from low sex drive or libido?

A low sex drive doesn’t mean that you have hypoactive sexual desire disorder. HSDD includes a high level of stress because of low sex drive. This diagnosis is important to establish the difference between them. The term HSDD, low libido and low sex drive are used in the changes.

A human can experience a low sex drive in the lifespan of the relationship. Less interest than others is normal and healthy for individuals and in this condition, it is possible to evolve the interest of individuals.  

If the low sex drive isn’t evolving and this is causing side effects on your health then you should check with your doctor. The doctor will change treatment, dose, medication etc.

Causes and risk factors

There are a lot of factors involved in the sexual desire of an individual. The factors like sexual identity, orgasm, arousals, emotional satisfaction etc. can have an effect on the sex drive of individuals. These are internal factors while they are many external factors that are reasons behind Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. 

  • Anxiety and depression can affect negatively sex drive. A healthy mind conducts a healthy body.
  • Relationship problems are connected with emotional satisfaction. 
  • Issues with your body cause you to hate yourself and think the other person doesn’t like you too.
  • Stress is a reason for most problems in the world.
  • Tiredness is the cause of low sex drive in many relationships
  • Trauma or sexual abuse in past will make the victim live those haunted memories thus they refrain from indulging in them. 
  • Menopause is the time when hormones are dizzy which causes instability in sexual desires. 
  • Medical problems and low sex hormones divert the interest of individuals from sex. 
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding have jumbled hormones. They need time to settle before they get a normal sex drive.

Treatment and medications

The advancement of medical science treatment of HSDD is possible with medication and treatment. 

  • Kegel exercise improves blood flow and stimulation in the genitals.
  • Talking with a partner will help them to understand your problems.
  • Involve in activities that made you interested in sex in past. 
  • Smoking and alcohol should be limited as they are reasons to decrease sex drive. 
  • Talk to your counselor about your concerns
  • Regular exercise will make the body healthy and uplift the mood.
  • Try to bring intimacy between you and your partner. You should make more skin contact. 
  • Ask them to do things that you have fantasies about in the past. 
  • Flibanserin is a powerful drug approved by FDA and is known to enhance sexual drive. It is advised to take them on medical prescription.
  • Therapies like sex therapy and testosterone therapy are useful in HSDD


A lot of medical conditions are misinterpreted because of a lack of knowledge. HSDD is one of them. A proper diagnosis will help in the treatment and spread awareness. So, stay educated and informed.

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