Beware of Moving Company Scams: How To Identify Them?

Being the victim of a moving scam would undoubtedly make the already challenging act of relocating much more arduous.

When choosing a moving company, you should always be diligent and well-informed in your choice. Therefore, we’ve given you some advice in this post on how to spot a potential relocation scam.

In order to make sure that your experience with movers is the best it can possibly be, we have also provided you with some useful recommendations that you can use when hiring movers.

What exactly is it about a moving business that should cause you to question its reliability?

They lack a license.

To provide local home moving services, moving businesses often require a certain kind of moving license. A USDOT license is required for movers that provide interstate moving services.

There is no website for them.

A moving business is either relatively new or may be attempting to remain anonymous if it doesn’t have a website. These days, you ought likely to have no trouble finding moving firms with websites and a solid local reputation.

They Request A Significant Deposit.

Residential local movers often just need a very modest deposit ($100 or less) or none at all for their moves. In several areas, requesting a relocation deposit is technically against the law. Additionally, movers should not request a deposit if you are relocating across state borders.

The following are some of the reasons why a moving company could ask for a deposit:

  • A moving firm could request a deposit or a modest down payment if you are carrying out a very big, multi-day office relocation or another extremely large multi-day move that may use a lot of the mover’s resources, such as trucks, moving days, and staff.
  • The moving firm is a moving broker rather than a real moving company. Your relocation will be scheduled by a moving broker under one name, and the task will then be sold to a different moving firm for execution. Be careful with this. A moving broker’s main goal is to get you to pay the whole price in advance. ( Brokers have no influence on or interest in the execution of the move. Moving brokers are often a major warning sign that you can be the victim of fraud.

They’ve Got A Doubtfully Lower Moving Estimate.

When you get your moving quote, some will be a little more costly than others, but for the most part, they’ll all be about comparable. One estimate may not have taken into account all the services you need if it is exceptionally low. Sometimes businesses may purposely underbid your move to get you to hire them, then they’ll tack on extra costs you weren’t aware of afterward.

Their moving estimate lacks specificity.

Again, it’s conceivable that a moving company who gives you a vague estimate is attempting to underbid your move so you’ll choose them, then they’ll tack on extra costs you weren’t aware of afterward.

They Have Several Names.

Moving firms may go under several aliases or use ambiguous names. Be cautious and reconsider making a reservation with them if it’s a little difficult to figure out who they are.

Reviews about them are negative.

Negative ratings might simply indicate that they are not offering excellent services. However, since they have been defrauding clients, the evaluations might sometimes be negative. Always make sure to read and verify the moving firms’ ratings before employing them.

Their BBB rating is poor.

If a person hired a moving business that defrauded them or offered subpar moving services, they may file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It shouldn’t be a deal-breaker if a business doesn’t have a BBB profile, but if it does and has a low rating, be cautious. Simply Google a company’s name with “BBB rating” to find out how it is rated. Always check to see whether the firm receiving the review or rating is the one you’re contemplating employing.

Final thoughts

A crucial step in the moving process is picking the best moving company. To keep your moving date, always do your research and reserve them as soon as you can. You don’t want to be forced to work with a different business because the one you prefer isn’t accessible.




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