Premier Laser Skin Care Clinic & Trichology Centre

Laser Skin Clinic specializes in tattoo removal, laser hair removal, and dermatological reconstruction in Greater Toronto. Their dedicated, friendly, and professional staff members offer free consultations on treatments, such as skin care products, hair loss services, and tattoos.

LASERSKIN.CA provide their clients with various treatment methods using the latest light and radio wave technologies. Their in-clinic trichology center offers free hair loss evaluation and specialized treatments.

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What Services Does Provide? is the premier laser skin care clinic and tri-city destination for those looking for superior skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. At, they offer a variety of laser treatments, from gentle facial resurfacing to intense photo facials that can help restore your skin's youthful radiance. 

Laser Hair Removal

Skintlet, the only FDA-cleared melanin detector, can treat virtually every color and skin type for laser hair removal treatments. Full-body treatment, including the legs, arms, chest, face, underarms, bikini area, and back, makes Cynosure Elite iQ the best hair removal solution for both sexes.

Skin Care Clinic

Their skin care clinic specializes in treating many skin conditions. They utilize both vascular lesions and pigmented lesions, skin tags, wrinkles that hang down, sagging skin, sun damage, pelvic vein and leg vein treatment, and melasma, among many other services, to resolve the problems their customers face.

They are the leading provider of the Cynosure Pro-Tenza, the world's first robotic radio frequency micro-needling device designed with a monopolar and a bipolar RF combined at 1 or 2MHz frequencies in a single unit.

See a Trichologist for Your Hair Loss

Are you suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia? Their trichologist Toronto clinic can aid with your hair loss concerns. They incorporate PRP hair treatments, AAPE Stem Cell therapy, Scalp Micropigmentation, and DS Laboratories hair growth items. FREE online direct hair transplantation assessment TRICHOLOGY CENTRE.

Potenza Micro-Needling RF and Its Benefits

Potenza microneedle RF is an innovative technology. It's the gold standard in treating patients with wrinkles, confidence wrinkles, acne scars, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. It enables physicians to serve a vast range of patients with various skin types. ( Potenza microneedle RF boasts the world's first 4-mode micro-needling device with the Tiger Tip and Fusion Tip technology.

  • A treatment called RF micro-needling treatment promotes the body's natural regenerative process with tiny needles and several levels of the topical solution to achieve application accuracy on multiple layers of the skin.
  • The Potenza system meticulously utilizes technology to penetrate further and work successfully in a wider variety of skin issues than other tight-skinning treatments.
  • Trained doctors secure this noninvasive treatment.

Conclusion is the premier laser skin care clinic and trichology center in Canada. Various services are available at the clinic, including laser hair removal, skin care treatments, and consultations with a trichologist for hair loss. Potenza micro-needling is also available to help improve your skin's appearance. If you're looking for top-quality service that focuses on providing clients with beautiful, healthy skin, is the right choice for you!